Friday, November 9, 2007


Due to recent events here, I have decided to take Keith in for questioning. He is now sitting in a room in my new headquarters. We are most interested in finding out what that brain-in-a-jar has been planning and scheming about, since I know that his plan runs much deeper than the control of the SOV2 Community.

Agent Smith


Agent Smith said...

Hey Cool Che:

You can go back to your apartment now, and you are free to evict the brain if you want... Just don't hand him over to Syb Bob.

Agent Smith

Che' Lovell said...

Yo! Agent Smith.

I am not going near that apartment... not until after the PARTY anyway. You and your FBI people should come hang with us because basically IT'S ALREADY HAPPENING!

Oh Yah! Give it up for the COOL people!

Cool Che'

ignorant redneck said...

I putted bleach in h robbers jar. sorri bout yur dorlok, but i hadda brake it.