Sunday, November 4, 2007

Hey! Where I was!

Hey everybody!

I'm not sure who did the homily thing this weekend but it wasn't me. Apparently Keith ruptured something during the liturgical dance you know the part where he was writhing around on the floor right after the Arabesk and we thought he was break dancing or something or he was empathizing with the Earth or whatever. (I thought actually he was channeling one of those animals that gets shot.) Well apparently that was actual pain.

Anyway, I guess nobody checked on him after the mass of reparations until Saturday night when we have the pizza social. Except this time we had to use unbaked pizzas which aren't very good. So I found him lying on the floor trying to shuffle his feet but he had kind of got himself in a corner. So anyway, we took him to the hospital and he has some sort of slipped disk. But he is back at the apartment lying in his bed. I didn't know if you knew this but that green tea he grows in his moms basements is actually really good at relieving pain and stuff and so I got him a couple of those ziplock baggies of it and he has been in his room talking to H. Robert. H. Robert likes you to put a couple leaves in his water jar sometimes.

Anyway I. R. needs someone to bail him out of jail which is something our Social Justice group is supposed to do but basically i don't have any money left and I was hoping whoever took up the money this week could go and use whatever to get him out.




Godfrey said...

Unbaked pizzas??? At the agape feast??? What's next? Mass facing the wall? Unheard of! That's a disgraceful way to celebrate our union as the People of God after the Liturgy of the People. I suggest Roberto take his special parsley and sprinkle some on the Assembly's pizza next time.

BTW, this is my first post. This seems like my kind of people. My name is Mr. Godfrey Church (priest) of the diocese of El Indigente, California. I look forward to engaging into dialog with the rest of you, my systers and brothers.

Che' Lovell said...

Hey Padre!

It wasn't one of those Agape things it was just our regular social nights for the eco-church and church-of-the-world meetings we do once a month.

Usually someone makes a pizza using organic ingredients and we all share it only now that we can't bake stuff it's not very good becaus basically the pizzas are all in bowls and you eat them with spoons.

I mean, I think the syblyngs are really cool but I don't know about this non-baking thing. SOV2 is kind of dividing into two camps: bakers and non-bakers. I am kind of on the fence. H. Robert is definitely with the non-bakers.

We are waiting for Father Tim to come back and tell us if we really have to do this.