Saturday, November 3, 2007


Oh, syblyng Smith, surely you realize that Gaia is everything and everything is Gaia, so that there aren't really any such things as borders; therefore, no one can be an "immigrant", legal or otherwise. And as the Gorebertine Community is committed to St. Albert's holy injunction to reduce our carbon footprint, we do not own or operate petrodeath machines, so of course we don't have "licenses".

Oh and a friendly word of caution about the "social security number" you got from Syblyng Joe: he used to be in a band, and sometimes he will repeat old song lyrics at random. In order to save you some work, and by way of apology for our syblyng the squirrel's little accident on your blackberry (I didn't know squirrels could vomit, did you?), I'll tell you that at the particular moment you asked him for his "social security number", he was repeating lines from a song from the benighted 1980s---I believe it's called "Jenny". Syblyng Bob says it's by a syblyng named Tommy Tutone.

I will pray for you, that you come to realize that things like "government" and "paperwork" are simply ways that we syblyngs close ourselves off from the beauty and simplicity of Gaia's creation for us all....

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L said...

No matter. I have been able to gather identifying information on your organization's members. Even those such as the Syblyngs leave a paper trail.

Agent Smith: I will send you this information as soon as I figure out the compatibility issues between my Mac and your government-issued Windows systems.