Thursday, November 8, 2007

Good bye and God bless...

First, about the road trip: at first I was going just to accompany Molly Jean. But as we visited, read and prayed, I started to sense a stirring in my own heart.

I’m seeing a whole new side of the Church. The evil male hierarchy isn’t evil at all. They’re not even anti-womyn. DO NOT STOP READING.... You see, as we traveled, we took turns reading MULIERIS DIGNITATEM out loud. That is an apostolic letter by John Paul II. Now before everyone starts screaming at me, let me tell you: it’s IN YOUR FACE on the dignity of womyn. While I’ve always been proud of being a womyn, I had NO idea before how BLESSED by God I am as a womyn. And how much men and womyn need each other. Even as a woman promised to celibacy, men still compliment me. Here’s my favorite (well, maybe second favorite) line: “In the life of consecrated women, for example, who live according to the charism and the rules of the various apostolic Institutes, it can express itself as concern for people, especially the most needy: the sick, the handicapped, the abandoned, orphans, the elderly, children, young people, the imprisoned and, in general, people on the edges of society. In this way a consecrated woman finds her Spouse, different and the same in each and every person, according to his very words: "As you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me" (Mt 25:40).” Whoever thinks this is anti-womyn obviously can’t read. And my FAVORITE line: “the dignity of women is measured by the order of love, which is essentially the order of justice and charity.”

Whoever thinks the man writing this is fascist and chauvinistic and anti-womyn … well, I challenge you to read it for yourself.

And as we visited these awesome communities, I began to see a part of my life that I’m really missing. I need to be with other Sisters. I need to relearn what my vows are about, and I can’t do that unless I’m around other Sisters.

We stopped at the provincial house for my community in Omaha. Sadly, I had no desire to stay there for more than a short visit. But when we stayed at the other convents, I felt so drawn to stay and not leave. I felt especially attracted to the nuns (and they are nuns) at Institute of Servants of the Queen of Apostles in Columbus, OH. They have a beautiful spirit, and well, I want to learn more about them. So they’ve invited me to stay. There is nothing in Knoxville for me to return there. Everything was ruined in the water-leak… absolutely everything. I have all my worldly possessions with me.

I’ve updated my profile one last time. I will be able to check the community blog once or twice during the next week, but starting on the 17th, I’m leaving SOV2 for good. The nuns don’t do anything online, and have asked me to let go of it, too. I’m sad I can’t come back to say goodbye to everyone, but I want to stay here.

A CALL TO ARMS, WOMYN: We need more of you to step up to leadership roles at SOV2. “H. Roberts” (or whomever is playing him) claims to have a committee taking applications to leadership here. I suspect it’s a committee of one. In any case, he needs to be BOMBARDED with womyn applying. ARM YOURSELF with strength, the order of justice and love and come forth to leadership at SOV2!

My final testaments:

Che’: BE NICE. Let go of your anger. Be church to everyone, even the Syb family.

IR: I’ll miss you! You have MUCH to give to SOV2 … don’t let anyone make you believe otherwise. I promise you’ll find a friend to take my place.

H. Roberts: you’re fake, a farce, a sham. A brain in a jar can’t communicate like you claim to. Who ever is claiming to be H. Roberts, be honest with the community. It’s wrong if you aren’t. Che' and Keith: don't change his water / mixture any more. The dead brain needs to rot.

Maryann: take over as spiritual advisor for me. Maybe you can get Brittnee to come back????? The community needs more womyn!

Dym Tim: If you’re ever in Columbus, come see me. Come back soon!

God bless you all. I love you and will pray for you.


Father Tim said...

Hey! What's going on up there? Syster Fairah, in the name of Gaia, get back to Knoxville and go straight to the SpiritMaze! I want you to get your hands on a recording of the St Louis Jesuits and really LISTEN!

If you don't follow my command, I may have to contact Fr Kane to come look for you.

Dr Al-fakkir, is there anything your friends in Detroit can do about this?

I'm making arrangements to return ASAP. I'd be back tomorrow except that I'm now in Venezuala acting as Hugo Chavez's private confessor, and he really needs me right now, as the lackeys of the CIA are stirring up the bourgoises and it's making Hugo feel unloved. You don't know what I'm giving up to come back. Hugo appointed me "Minister For Love" and gave me my own palace, which is even better than the rectory back in Knoxville.

Anyway, see you soon! I've got some great ideas for homiletics!

Peace Out!

Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

Hey, sister, if it feels good, do it!

Britt said...


I am totally offended. Of course womyn are lower then men in so many ways right now, that's why we have to force everyone to be androgynous, because that's the only way that people with female genitalia, or female brains, can be considered the same as people with male genitalia or male brains. The last thing we need is womyn getting "in touch" with their feminity!!!

ignorant redneck said...

i gonna misss yu Sr. Farehah!

Ifn' you is ther wit Jesus, will he still be my frind? He liks U.