Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Stuff for sale.


I've been cleaning out my apartment of some stuff and if anybody wants it let me know:

1 Satellite dish thing. Not sure how to hook it up.
3 Big computers
7 Little computers
1 Wireless robot eye thing with legs
1 Thing with these two wires and you plug it in and this lightening bolt arc goes between the two wires and it goes up an makes a kind of buzzing noise. It doesn't do anything else
4 Solar powered wind turbines with lithium oxide hydrogen fuel cells
1 50 pound bag of granualized crystal glucose
1 15 pound bag of used to be 50 pounds of granualized crystal glucose
4 Febreeze Spring Meadow air freshener refills (I might keep these I'm not sure)
about 250 feet of various kinds of wires and cables
1 Manual on the care of Brains in Jars
A box of 100 antiseptic non-latex gloves. I think there's about 40 or so left.

Also I just wanted people to know that I am going on a trip with my dad for a few weeks to the Carribean on his yacht. Don't think this is fun or anything because Brenda and the Erpenblechs are going too. Don't get me started on the Erpenblechs because Mrs. Erpenblech is the only person who wears more jewelery and make-up than Brenda and she has had like fifty plastic surgeries. And she wears fur clothes. I'm not kidding.

Mr. Erpenblech is from Covington Kentucky where he used to build these gigantic houses. Not as big as my dad's because they were for people who were only like doctors and dentists and lawyers and things and not people who are really rich. I mean my dad is like the Tysons and the McGees kind of rich. The Erpenblechs also have a ton of money. My dad thinks because they are supposed to be "Catholic" that I'll like them or something. But I know they're republicans.



Anonymous said...

So, why are you going, then???? REALLY, Che': GET A LIFE and be honest about these things.... the carabean... now, that's really rouging it!

Che' Lovell said...

Hey Anonymous!

I am going because I am doing research. Say it with me RE-SEARCH! Because I am going to be studying how the endogeneous people are dealing with the effects of global warming and not having preferential options and stuff.

Also, I am dating this girl.

But it's mostly about scientific research not having fun at ALL.

Also I don't think you spelt caribbean correctly.


Anonymous said...

Any relation to the KimChee erpeblechs?

Agent Smith said...

I can help with some of that computer equipment

Agent Smith