Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Leadership Committee

Dear Friends,

Well. It is with a heavy heart that I must say Che has just gone rather unstable. The wonderful commenter Ima Perile was quite right to point out certain deficiencies in Che's character. For example, his tendency towards violent confrontations. His dependency on patriarchal inheritance laws, his attachment to "un-earth-friendly" foods, and his dislike of male liturgical dancing among them.

Interestingly enough, Che was not so against liturgical dancing when it came to his "Liturgy of Purple Rain" for which he choreographed a dance with Britnee Hamilton to the tune of Raspberry Beret.

Nevertheless, we must continue to move forward. The absence of Father Tim is a necessity for us to endure, something of a challenge, a difficulty, a setback. But looked on in a different way, perhaps it is something to build on. Is it not true that Father Tim represents only one part of our common human heritage? Is not the criticism of Ima correct in saying that, even if he does not intend, his maleness in a position of authority represents an affront to womyn who have been forced to endure thousands of years of repression by patriarchal societies?

I am afraid it is too true.

But this crisis between the "baked foods" and the "raw foods" factions must be healed. To do so, we are in need of a strong and effectual leader.

Therefore, I believe that it is time that a new leader be appointed by the community. One who can unite the community into one based on love, tolerance, acceptance, inclusion, diversity, peace and justice! Whoever this person is, I believe this person should have certain qualifications:

Intelligence - as marked by an advanced degree
Communication Skills - for example has authored several books and articles
Spirituality - Should be well attuned to the divine feminine
Leadership Qualities - Should be able to lead a team in drafting important documents such as the recent Mandate on Raw and Cooked Foods.
and most importantly
Empathy to the Disenfranchised - preferably this person should be deprived of a body.

I am taking it upon myself to appoint a committee to interview candidates. Rather than cause controversy, this committee will be completely anonymous and go about its work in strict and total secrecy. If you are selected to this committee I will inform you and swear you in to total silence. If you are not selected, trust that your feelings and opinions will be adequately considered regardless.

Until then, Shine On People! Shine On!

H. Roberts


Syb Bob said...

H. Robert, it is so kind of you to have taken on these deep responsibilities. I thank Gaea that this search is in your capable your capable intellect. This reminds me that I must check with Dr. Alesdorf to see how is project of uploading his consciousness into an iPod nano is going.

Agent Smith said...

Don't forget that I am still keeping you under surveillance, H. Roberts... and I still have the means to destroy you and the jar that you now occupy.

Agent Smith

Anonymous said...

There had BETTER BE half womyn on this secret committee.... this place is getting WAY TOO MALE dominated.....

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous. While I can't be there to apply or take applications (I'm sure I would have been on the selection committee), you really need more womyn representation these days. Since I left, it's ALL MALE ... where is Maryann? Britnee?

WOMYN, step up and take a place at SOV2!

H Robert Williams said...

Absolutely! Though the committee will be absolutely and completely secret I can guarantee that there will be no more men than womyn. In fact there will be exactly the sam number of womyn and men and all men chosen must be open and accepting and have fully embraced their own femininity.

That is why it has been imperative that I, as a compassionate and disembodied intellect and a lifelong champion of feminism rendered my informed judgment.

Especially as whoever takes the reins of SOV2 must assume a level of financial responsibility with the ample trust fund set up by Dr. Argot.

H. Robert

Rae said...

I suppose that, since H. Robert is a *disembodied* male, his leadership would not constitute a patriarchy per se...!

The feminist in me can support him.

Ima Perile said...

Rae by no means!!!!

Current SCIENTIFIC research has documented profound differences in the hypothalmus reagion of the brain between people an males.

I suggest an estrogen wash be placed into H. Roberts jar, as this has been shown to cause the hypothalmus region of rat brains to convert themselves to the sacred feminine.

By the way, I have several advanced degrees in the Liberal Arts, the Fine Arts and Feminist Thealogy to offer. As well as a documented track record of leadership here at the Gaian Harmonic Convegence. Not to mention my moral courage in standing up to male patriarchal schemas, sizeism and lookism.

Ima Perile,

Rae said...

Hmmmmm... I'd assumed that, since H. Robert no longer wielded his tool of oppression, all was safe...!

Now I'll have to rethink my position. After all, H. Robert's hypothalamus as well as his entire synapse structure may reflect typically "male" characteristics... Hopefully his campaign will be able to refute this argument and show that he has indeed been neutered. (If not, then no man can be redeemed without recourse to estrogen!)

H Robert Williams said...

It is obvious that you both are overcompensating and still have issues to work out in regards to you own personal inner bigotry. I.e. you believe that womyn need to be protected and that you have have an obligation to fulfill that role. Though you may in fact be womyn you have not attained true feminism but instead have acquired certain masculine thought processes merely veneered with a few expressions.

It is fortunate that neither of you were chosen for the leadership committee as you would may have selected a candidate that represented this false feminism and actually perpetuated as a result the masculine hegemomy.

As you have taken a mis-step and have chosen the wrong path, I recommend you both take my course "Confronting your inner bigot" available from Villanoce on-line for a modest fee. This will help you live out your femininity in the fullness it deserves.

H. Robert

Ima Perile said...

Precisely rae, precisely!

That's why the Sacred Gallae of ancient rome resorted to flint shards--and special herbal teas known only to the wise ones of hecate!

But he can get a more modern substitute at the pharmacy.

In fact, Prebytera Hill and Presbetyra Rosie are on their way over now, with the tea, the modrn substitute and two


Rae said...

So now (1) a male or formerly male brain is defining "true" feminism to us women in a clear abuse of patriarchal power over words, symbols, and ideologies; and (2) we are accused of co-opting masculine/patriarchal thought processes because we dare to question this male (or formerly male) brain's qualifications for leadership.

I say H. Robert needs some choice leaves! :)

Ima, you and the other Presbyterae (sp?) are examples to women everywhere--and we're so blessed to have you here at SOV2!! Good luck at the apartment... I understand that the situation there is, er, interesting.

H Robert Williams said...

Ha! Until you are deprived of a body you have no basis upon which to judge me.

For daring to speak against the Supreme Facilitator you are hereby and eternally forthwith excluded from the community for your absurdly radical male masculofascistic cathlonazism! Consider this an absolute threat of incomprehensible magnitude.

H. Robert Williams
Supreme Facilitator
and Author of Prickly Topics