Saturday, November 17, 2007

Listo Malpermisitaro Update

Thanks to eagle eyed readers of our internetweb pages we have found yet more of those radtrady sites and they have been added to the Listo:

Dymphna's Well: F,O,POD,T
Kansas City Catholic: CF,F,IT,O,T
V for Victory!: BS,CF,EM,IT,R,UM

Al Gore preserve us. Can't he do something about these sites?? But it does look as if one of our more industrious syblyngs managed to sneak a bit into the Kansas City Catholic site giving some "pick up lines" for those at the parish looking for a partner. I'm sure they will work for same sex, group, etc. as well as for hetero if you must. (Although #10 may need some editing):

1. When I first saw you, I knew my centering prayer had been answered.
2. Shades of Jimi! That was the best guitar solo I have ever heard at mass. Who knew “One Bread, One Body,” could R-O-C-K!
3. I loved your guest homily, especially the part about your kids from your first marriage.
4. I promise not to be patriarchal, if you promise not to be submissive, which, from
the looks of things, won’t be hard for either of us.
5. Your interpretive dance after you read the Gospel was really something. I can’t believe you weren’t too exhausted to also distribute communion for Father.
6. I see from the bulletin that you made today’s communion bread. No matter what Rome says, I think the cinnamon and flax seed are always a nice touch, as long as they're organic and fair trade certified.
7. Care to get lost with me in the parish’s prayer maze at the upcoming picnic for those of us that are planning on protesting at the School of the Americas?
8. Imagine. In the future, if we decided to live by Humanae Vitae for a day and then decided that we really could bring a kid into this oppressive Church that we don’t believe in but refuse to leave, then we could name him or her Che.
9. Anybody ever tell you that you look like a young Hans Kung–I mean with a beard and dreadlocks?
10. Please tell me that you don’t put the L in LGBTQ, not that there’s anything wrong with that.


Father Tim said...

Hey! Super list, Syb! Make sure that you give those lines to Britnee for inclusion in the SOV2 Syngles group.

Rae said...

Did Che's dad contribute #8? :)

Syb Bob said...

I was wondering that myself Rae. But perhaps not, as there's a difference between Che and Che'.