Sunday, November 18, 2007

My research is going pretty well.

Hey! It's me Che' from the yacht. One of my dad's golf buddies contractor guy who came with us helped me get the sattelite thing working so I could keep in touch. The weather is AWESOME and Kerri and I have been fishing which I know is really cruel and stuff so I basically take the hook of my line. But Kerri caught this really big fish which was pretty neat because she was really excited. Also, we parked the yacht and swam which was fun.

The yacht is big enough that I don't see Mr. and Mrs. Erpenblech at all which is good, but Brenda keeps hanging around Me and Kerri way too much because she is obviously drunk and stuff and it makes it less fun for us, because I can tell that Kerri doesn't like Brenda either because she calls her a lush. I'm not sure what that means but I think it means someone who drinks too much. Kerri doesn't drink. My dad likes to steer the yacht and talk with the Erpenblechs and he pretty much leaves Kerri and me alone.

I can't wait until we get to Bermuda so I can study the endogenous peoples and there socioeconomic political systems. I've been reading the communist manifesto again which is really funny. Kerri wants me to read this book called The Fountain Head, but its like six thousand pages or something. But she said that she would read it to me as we camp out under the stars on the deck.

See ya!


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Father Tim said...

Hey, Ché... you better stay away from that Fountainhead book. If I remember correctly, it is very anti-womyn, and is all about people should smike cigarettes and blow up low-income housing projects.

But mostly it's anti-life.

Have fun on the yacht... keep an eye out for Dr & Mizz Argot while you're down there.