Tuesday, November 20, 2007

About the Erpenblechs...


I have a feeling that there is something wrong here. The company that Mr. Erpenblech owns has been reporting major losses in the past year, yet Mr. Erpenblech seems to have even more money in his personal accout than he had before. Also the numbers painted on their yatch do not seem to have been validly registered. Be careful!

Agent Smith


Anonymous said...

Apparently, Mr. Erpenblech is a liberal Democrat, rather than a Republican, after all. How else to explain the corruption?

Che' Lovell said...


I'm not sure what anybody is talking about because Mr. and Mrs. Erpenblech build houses and stuff and are pretty much republicans and have a lot of money because I saw them with these metal suitcases. Also, they are pretty much looking for a winter home down here.

But the weird thing is of course, that Nate who is my dad's golf buddies contractor who came with us is pretty mad at them.

Also, my dad said we are splitting up at the next island.


Guido McElhone said...

Agent Smith,

as you seem to be up on the Erpenblech situation, and have a way to contact them, could you perhaps inquire as to why, exactly, the dry wall in my house appears to made of posterboard? Oh, and the drains for some reason aren't connected to the city waste water system--they empty into my neighbors Koi pond. The koi have died and I'm being sued.

Your help in this matter would be most helpful. Especially if you could tell me where to find Mr. Erpenblech.