Saturday, November 10, 2007


I don't know if it is because we refused to give him his five triple quarter pounders last night or if he is just in a state of shock, but Keith has stubbornly refused to talk. I'm technically not allowed to torture anyone to extract information, but I have instructed the 'inquisitors' (a great word I got from the SSLI) to feed him only healthy food until he tells us what we want to know. There will be a bag of McDonalds in the room, but he will be given only salads and traditionally healthy entrees.


Agent Smith said...

So far he has demolished about ten of those grocery store bags of salad...

Agent Smith

Ima Perile said...

Agent Smith,

It is painfull and humiliating to ask this of you, but one does what one must.

Do you know what happened to Presbytera Hill and Prebytera Rosie? They went to call on H. Robert and Syb Bob, but we've heard nothing. They aren't even texting on their cell phones!

We are very worried!

Ima Perile

Syb Bob said...

Well I haven't seen them. Nor have I seen H. Robert recently. Much too busy planning Operation Turkey Freedom.