Thursday, November 8, 2007

Yo Dudes!


I've got to say that hanging out with Enrico the last few days has been awesome! We have had a great time and all these really cute girls are really, really cool. We all got wasted last night and played volleyball on the sand volleyball court last night by Father Tim's pool. It was like 40 degrees but it was an ABSOLUTE blast. I woke up at noon.

I can't believe this because when I was at U.T. these were the guys that I thought were absolute jerks but you know what! They are really pretty cool. I invited some of them over to my dad's and we all hung out and one of them's dad knows my dad and they went to college together and stuff and both go to the same country club. I can't remember his name though because I was like completely wasted. But I think he's in Pi Kappa Gamma Alpha Beta or something. I can't remember. If I had stayed at U.T. and I had rushed them he said I would definitely have gotten in.

Anyway, we're going to start with screw drivers and bloody mary's around 11 Saturday. Then I'm going to try and sneak in to the game on a student ticket. I have to say that you people are completely wonked if you don't hang with us this weekend!

Oh yah, they gave me a new nickname, so if you want to talk to me from now on you better call me by it. We're going to get wasted tonight and go water skiing in the dark with my Dad's speedboat.

Cool Che'

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