Monday, November 26, 2007



Well, we are back in America again and I can't say I am all that thrilled. This is what happened. Apparently Nate managed to take control of the yacht and sailed it back into Miami last night so when we woke up there were all these people who look like Agent Smith on board. I men they were pretty poilte and everything but they took me into this room and starting asking me questions about my dad and how he made all his money and stuff. I must have been able to answer all there questions and stuff and when I started talking about Fidel Castro, Harry Bellafonte, L. Ron Hubbard and Tom Cruise I think they realized who they were dealing with and stuff and so this other guy walked in and said that I was part of special secret project Adam's Apple which was something Agent Smith said to me one time. It also has something to with this tattoo I got of Hugo Chavez's mom on my arm.

Anyway, I think most of these guys are part of the establishment and are all trained to opress peoples but most of them are nice and listen a lot when I tell them about all the people I meet and what they say and so I think I am really starting to get to them. The werid thing was they wanted to know also about the alien spacecraft that we saw and then they told me not to talk about it. I mean, this is my second time I have been in contact with alien life forces and stuff and they never say anything all that interesting. I mean one time they were all like saying things about Quantum Flux Propulsion and handing me all these diagrams for Fusion Reactors. If anybody wants one of those by the way, I still have them in the back of the Eurovan at Keith's mom's house. Well this time it was different aliens and they were revealing to me the secret of Status Omega which is of course Colonel Xebu's plan to slowly modify the earth's atmosphere so he can introduce Jupiterian life forms. Anyway I am not supposed to tell anybody this except that Dick Cheney is behind it all.

Well that wasn't why I was question this time because apparently the Erpenblechs were like opressing people only the people they were opressing were mostly republicans and stuff like themselves which doesn't make any sense. So I have mixed feelings. I mean if they had defrauded all these peoples and given the money to buy Carbon Offsets I would be like "Yah! Way to go Erpenblechs!" But really they were just buying all this real estate in the Carribean to create a resort for other really rich republican peoples.

Anyway, I better get going as Kerri needs a place to stay. I can't wait until I show Kerri SOV2. She is going to freak out.



ignorant redneck said...

Che, hav yu bveen roootin round in gammers herb box agin?

Agent Smith said...

I'll have to pass on the fusion reactor diagram--we already have a working model in Area 51. Our model is actually a few steps further along than the diagrams that you showed me.