Thursday, November 8, 2007

Coming Home


Well, I've received a preliminary visa to leave Venezuela, although I haven't gotten permission from Hugo yet. Anyway, with things in chaos up there at SOV2, I called a good friend of mine, P.V. Rajendajendan, and he has agreed to come and give the homily at SOV2 this Sunday.

Peevee (as we call him) is an expert in transcendental guruism, and is particularly adept at forging reconciled amicability. Please make him welcome. As I understand that the Rectory is something of a mess, I gave him directions to Ché's apartment (also I don't want him staying at the Rectory because he cooks really smelly food and it really stinks the place up when he's around, but I thimk Keith won't mind)

See you all soon!

Peace out!


Che' Lovell said...


You won't be home this weekend yet right? I mean, we are having a social thing at the rectory and somebody said this was like the Stinginian stables or something.

Cool Che'

H Robert Williams said...

Mister Plarvik,

You are no longer welcome here at SOV2 being a representative of the past and a creature of a the institutionalized hegemony and counter inclusiveness and diversity. The bigotry you would bring back is harmful and offensive.

As Supreme Facilitator of the Spirit of Vatican 2 and haven taken ultimate stewardship as servant of the Earth and the Divine Feminine I have placed Fatwas against the enemies of progress such as yourself.

H. Robert Williams
Supreme Facilitator

Che' Lovell said...

Yo STUPID Brain Person,

I didn't vote for you so you are NOT SUPREME FACILITATOR and I am talking to my dad and he is going to throw you out of my apartment because he knows the sherriff and he said it was about time I stopped hanging out with STUPID LOSERS and he likes my new friends and he is going to let me take them to his place in Aruba and go scuba diving over Christmas.

Cool Che'