Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The current unpleasantness...

Che I am very disappointed in you. First you miss my homily this Sunday. I cannot express to everyone what a wonderful and joyous experience that was for everyone. Instead of the normal noise pollution during this time of reparations we had a 45 minute silent reflection and meditation upon all of our sins committed by ourselves and our ancestors upon Gaea, womyn, animals, the environment, indigenous peoples, Wiccans, Witches, Reformed Witches, Non Denominational Practitioners of the Art, trees, plants and other various holy spirits of the universe. And then I go off to commune with Gaea to make reparations on behalf of all of us and this happens.

H. Robert warned me that you might be a secret part of the Reagan-Ratzingerist Cabal. And now you threaten armed insurrection against Gaea Herself. If only you could center yourself. (Some of Keith's green leaf tea might help.) We could discuss your fire addiction. Perhaps there are some sort of offsets you could perform while you struggle with this addiction. And I'll need to speak with Dym Tim as your vicious verbal assault against all GynoAmericans just cannot go unnoticed. I do believe you need a long and strenuous sensitivity training session. But first you must surrender yourself to the tender arms of Gaea and beg forgiveness. Then the healing can start.

And I'm sorry, but I.R. will have to remain in custody of the fascists. The collection this week went to buying carbon offsets for the needy.


Che' Lovell said...

This is Che'. The Hugo Chavez brigade and I will be burning carrots in efigy and hurling epitaphs at you until you repeal the "Mandate on Raw and Cooked Foods - Acceptable Practices for the Progressive Christian Community" especially that part that said something about people who liek melted cheese on pizzas are "ethically irresponsible and engaged in barbarisms such that their lack of stewardship 'cries to heaven' and bring down condemnation upon themselves and their unredeemable society through climate change." I know who wrote that part.

Syb Bob said...

Che' I beg you to wear the aluminum foil insert for your beret that I've left outside the front door. Once you get yourself centered perhaps we can talk. Your resort to violence is only worthy of a neocon. Ask yourself "What Would Julia Roberts Do?"

H Robert Williams said...

Syb Bob,

Aparently Che read somewhere that Julia Roberts wants to be a stay-at-home mom. You can see how this might have left him unbalanced and confused.


It is fortunate that she mentioned composting or he may have turned against the environment as well.

H. Robert

Syb Bob said...

This explains alot. Those nefarious neocons. We need to know what's going on here. Perhaps she's a clone or an android. Or perhaps we should be speaking of the Reagan-Ratzinger-Robertsist Cabal?

ignorant redneck said...

now i gotta froeshus mad on!

the juge let me go counna the game warden wuz onna thim gorrottens in disguys. she evin hadda mustash!

an my sell mait gived me pictyurs of sybobobb usin collectional moni fur buying stuff at burgerthing.

an i is going to help che wit my punt gonne!