Thursday, November 8, 2007

Listo Malpermesitaro

Thanks to ever alert syblyngs we now add the following sites to the Listo Malpermesitaro. Be vigilant, we WILL root out radtradism on the internetweb:

Institute of Christ the King: C,EM,F,POD,RT
Laudem Gloriae

And as an additional warning... beware of the motionpicturefilm Bella. I have heard from others who have had the misfortune to see this that it is deeply upsetting to the correctly centered syblyng. Amongst many offenses the main character is a chef and graphic scenes are shown of vegetables syblyngs being maimed and burned. If we ever find the time we may need to begin a Filmo Malpermesitaro for motionpicturefilms and a Libro Malpermesitaro for printed materials. So little time, so much radtradyism.