Monday, October 1, 2007


Hey! I just wanted to give "big ups" to Dr. & Mizz Argot on the occasion of their 2nd Anniversary. As you all know, the Argots are often benefactors of this faith community. But that's not why we're honoring them during a special-intention faith gathering this Wednesday. No - even though Dr. Argot's contributions have made many things possible here at SOV2, we know that "he who has much is expected to give much," as it says somewhere in the Bible.

Anyway, congratulations!


Medieval trad said...

Is it true that his third annulment is being re-examined by the Holy Roman Rota?

Father Tim said...

Hey MT! Actually, Dr. Argot signed up in advance for "the Kennedy Plan" when he got married. That entitles him to four divorces and annulments, so he's still got one more to go.

But I think this time it's love. The other ones weren't really his soul mates.

Che' Lovell said...

I think that is a great picture of them. I remember the last Mizz Argot and she was pretty but wore a lot of make-up like Brenda. She also had a FUR COAT! I am not kidding and I got mad and told her that FUR IS DEAD! But she just kind of laughed. That was when Curtis was alive before Keith's cat ate him.