Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Che' Day!

Hey! I just want everybody to know it's only a week until Che' Guevara Day! Remember all the fun activities and events we've got planned! But I wanted to warn people about the obstacle coarse I am setting up. Keith and I have "borrowed" one of those bobcat things from a construction place and so we're going to start putting in the mud pits and stuff tomorrow.

I'm making this drawing and it will be really cool.

I also need a lot of electrical cord and if there is someone with maybe some wood and a saw and maybe some nails and hammer and glue that would be great too. So if you could drop some off that would be great!

Anyway, also, Hugo Chavez is going to call in and talk to us because I asked Harry Bellafonte and Sean Penn (who I accidentally punched if you remember) if they could see if Hugo would do that and he said yes.

You know Harry Bellafonte's voice is really bad now because he has sung so much and I'm not sure but maybe he smoked or something because you can bearely tell what he says a lot of the time. But he is really smart. I didn't know this but that Day-O song is about people working on a banana plantation all night kind of like the grapes of wrath except bananas not grapes. So I started to write a movie called The Bananas of Revenge. But I'm not sure what its about accept there are going to be people working on a banana plantation and they are going to opressed and then they are going to rebel and set up a community of the peoples and instead of selling bananas they are going to get to eat them. But only the ones that naturally fall of the trees.

Sean Penn is really funny, especially when he does an impersonation of Robert De Niro. But don't talk to him about Madonna. I'm not sure I like Madonna. Some of her music is really good but then you kind of get sick of listening to it. I don't know why that is. I wanted to have a 80's Pop Celebration Mass but Todd said no. I mean I know I am supposed to like Todd because we're all supposed to be church but sometimes Todd gets me mad. Like he has a lot of electrical cords and stuff and he won't let me use it because he says I am going to accidentally kill somebody with my obstacle coarse. But HEY! I take care of H. Robert all the time and there's a lot of electricity and stuff there and he's not dead yet. So I think I can handle it because you need electric fences on obstacle coarses or there not fun at all.

Anyway don't forget about Che' Guevara day and bring shirts to tie die!



paramedicgirl said...

Che, you better be careful wielding a hammer and a saw. This could happen to you.

Syb Bob said...

Oh Che I love the idea about your The Bananas of Revenge movie. If I can make a small suggestion. I think it would be perfectly set in northwestern Guyana. It's a lovely area of our wonderful mother planet.

Che' Lovell said...

PG, I don't think that will happen to me because I am going to be real careful

I really want to make my Bananas of Revenge movie because I know a lot of hollywood people and I know I could get a lot of them in it!

Can you imagine a movie with Danny Glover, John Travolta, Jeanne Garafalo, Sean Penn and Tom Cruise? I mean I'd love to get Julia Roberts in it too but realistically, I don't think she would do it because she's really busy.


Anonymous said...

Um, you do realize Che was a mass murderer, right?

Che' Lovell said...

Hey Anonymous!

The fascists are always spreading lies and things. Like this other place called


is always lying about me! You should go there and see all the things they are saying.


Cygnus said...

So we're celebrating the anniversary of Che Stadium in New York?

ignorant redneck said...

We gots a guy what warshes dishesss with mi at the legyun post named gevarra, is he the sam gy? shuld I by a pesant for his birfdai?