Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Che' Day

Hey Che' Day is finally here.

I want to thank everybody who came to watch the movies and make new banners and stuff. I thought Hugo Chavez was really funny with the impersonation of John Wane. But I don't know who John Wane was except maybe he was a movie star a long time ago and talked about pilgrims.

I kind of caught a cold from the mud trench and I'm not feeling so awesome. So I am going to sleep in tomorrow. So anyway, you should all go down to Market Street without me. If anybody can get me an extra Che teeshirt that would be really cool. And also a bowl of soup and some of that bread they make. I like the tomatoe soup.

Oh yah. My mom is actually coming down to Knoxville to see me and my sister this next week. So I've got to cancel eco-church too. I always get sick when she comes to visit me. I think she is protesting something to do with TVA.


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Anonymous said...

Fr. Tim your going to be so Mad! Someone just started this blog about the Tridentine Mass the one where the priest has his back to the people! you need to ban it before anyone gets taken in This guy is dangerous i am telling you