Friday, October 26, 2007

Fire with Fire

The Gorebertine syblyngs are finally on their way! We got kind of a late start as we had a disagreement about whether or not to take a petrodeath fueled van. The van belongs to members of the DLA (Druidical Liberation Army) who were staying with us. They've offered to take us down to your wonderful parish as they were on their way to Florida. They made some valid points I believe about using technology to fight technology. I'm even posting right now from a "wireless notebook". Although I don't see how a telegraph is involved. Much easier than when I tried using the internetweb with a telegraph key. Hopefully we will be in the arms of our fellow syblyngs at SOV2 soon.


Agent Smith said...

I look forward to meeting and interviewing members of the Gorebertine Community. There are a couple of pieces of paperwork that I would like you to fill out--and maybe get a photocopy of your IDs.

Agent Smith

Syb Bob said...

How does one photocopy ideas? This internetweb lingo is so confusing.