Monday, October 22, 2007

Courageuous Nuns

hey... these nuns are great - they are really stepping up pressure on the legislatiors... also on their "website" they take on the ICEL for using confusing language - and in this eloquent statement, they make a nice contrast with phrases like: We recognize that our actions have militated against the sustainability of planet Earth, which is just plain as day...

anyway, check out National Coalition of American Nuns: PIII


Che' Lovell said...

These NUNS are AWESOME. But they are also stupid because there all like nonviolent and stuff. HEY SYSTERS! YOU NEED TO BREAK SOME EGGS TO MAKE AN OMELETTE. I mean, endogenous peoples have the right to defend themselves against american imperialism. I mean that metagorically because I am NOT ADVOCATING making omelettes because that is anti-chicken.


Anonymous said...

Gotta love the six (and only six) links at the "nuns" site. Here's the complete list:

"Call to Action
Quixote Center
The Vatican
Women's Ordination Conference
Women-Church Convergence"

Five subversive groups seem to be besieging the bastion of orthodoxy ("The Vatican"). That's why I've always called these broads the "NCANpoops" (nincompoops). Whip 'em, St. Michael and heavenly hosts!

Cygnus said...

I think they're disorientated and have suffered from incidences of faulty strategery.