Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hey People Send up your Thoughts for Father Tim!

Hey everybody!

Bad news because Father Tim has been hurt. We don't know what happened exactly but it maybe had something to do with the fact that he was practicing yoga or something really hard. Anyway, hopefully he'll feel well enough to share some thoughts soon but for right now I think he's going to be out of commission.

I'll do what I can to keep things moving but hey! just be earthfriends to each other and be church and stuff. And stop yelling all the time at each other. And maybe say nice things and maybe give some money to green peace or something like that. And STOP HITTING ANIMALS because that's mean.

Oh yah and stop driving your cars.... and...

I know I'm forgetting something. I mean... shoot. Something about Marty Haugen I think but I can't remember what. Oh well, I'll remember later.



Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

Would it be permissible to say a prayer for Fr. Tim's recovery?

Che' Lovell said...

Hey! Only if your some sort of "traditional" catholic or a republican or something like that. But as long as its not something like an Our Father or a Hail Mary or anything in Latin I guess it's okay.


Sr.Fairah said...

ANyone able to go to the Labyrnith? Gaia's Spirit is really strong there, and surely will commune with both me and Dym Tim, while we're out of commission. I'll be posting later today ... things just keep getting wierder. But HEY, I'm OK!

In Dym Tim's words, peace out...

Sr.Fairah said...

OH... I've got to get that profile picture changed. I look NOTHING like that, now. :(

Che' Lovell said...

Hey Sister Fairah! It's me Che'

I'll stop by the labyrinth.

Oh yah! Do you still have that cat? Keith wants a cat. Keith had to give his old cat away, you know the one that ate Curtis, because the cat also ate all the carpet in our apartment and the landlord was really mad. Most of the animals we get lose all their hair or didn't have any hair to begin with anyway.

I mean the cat shouldn't be one of those cats that eat mice. Because he couldn't eat Erin. I mean, Erin seems impervious to hair loss. If you need a pet right now because people are avoiding you, do you want to borrow Erin? The only thing is she really likes Latin Chant music.


Medieval Trad said...

It wasn't yoga that got Father Plarvik hurt, but he was indeed doing some stretching exercises - on our rack.

He has confessed to all sorts of heresies and malpractices:

- worshiping false gods (dozens of them, including something called Gaia), but I think he's going to get out of that one on the grounds that he doesn't know how to worship anything properly;

- Pelegianism (he doesn't seem to believe in original sin; in fact he doesn't seem to believe that anything is sinful, except perfectly decent things like driving a big black SUV whilst smoking a cigar)

- Arianism (he claims that Our Lord Jesus Christ was "a man of peace", "a great environmentalist, almost as good as Al Gore" and "the embodiment of Woodstock").

And as for his liturgical practice, our Liturgical Inquisitor has never before found someone who can break every single rubric in a single Mass. He ran out of room on his clipboard and set fire to Father Plarvik himself half way through the dismissal (don't worry, we put him out before the flames did too much damage, although his nylon vestments will, fortunately, never be the same again).

However, Holy Mother Church is always ready to welcome a lost sheep back into her fold, even one as tainted as this one.

So, once he is healed from the questioning next week, Father Plarvik will be given the opportunity to say a Tridentine Mass. If he does it well, he will go free. If not, I get to burn him.

ignorant redneck said...

i knowed etin yogirt wuz bad fer ya

Father Tim said...


not hurt... in jamaica

can't type too good right now. very relaxed

Sr.Fairah said...

I hate to tell you this, but the cat died. The squirrel is still coming twice a day for peanutes and a pet. I figure it doesn't have any hair, anyway, so petting it can't hurt it. But the cat died that night. I don't think it was too healthy, anyway, to start with.

Dym Tim ... If you ARE in Jamacica, take in some of that wonderful Gaia Sun. But don't get burned ... that causes cancer.

Mid Trad ... get lost.

The promised post may have to wait for tomorrow. I got some surprise company... and their hair is NOT falling out. But I haven't touched them, either. More later.

Divine Mercy said...
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