Monday, October 15, 2007

retraction of earlier post ... and TOTALLY WIERD occurance

First, I hereby retract my earlier apology of sorts. H. Roberts is a hoax, and a mean manipulating facist. He will not "be" for much longer.

Now, the real post: So the absolute WIERDEST thing happened... even wierder than seeing Crystal re-cessitate the frog! I AGAIN ran into that young womyn on the bus. We AGAIN got into a wonderful discussion. She really is a bright, engaging young persyn. Based on our past encounters, I decided this time to just let her talk. She really had some very interesting points to make, and it's actually making me see another view of some things. Mind you, I'm still not ready to go to the Latin ... thing ... with her, but she really has some interesting takes on Latin.

It makes sense that because the same church is throughout the world, a single language would make us more one church. And just as I would find a ceremony in Spanish or French hard to understand, our brothers and systers in other countries don't like the breaking of the bread in English. Latin is at least neutral! English might even be offensive to someone from Iran or Hong Kong.

And then I happened to go into a different Catholic Church for liturgy, and saw a gazillion Mexican people there. No one was participating, and I couldn't figure out why they were there. I checked the bulletin, and there was even a Spanish one offered in the evening. I asked someone later, and they said the bad guys from immigration come to the Spanish services and catch people there, and deport them. So those poor Hispanic brothers and systers have to endure liturgy in a language they don't understand, to avoid being deported.

And the other day at SOV2, there was a couple there... I think it was Xavier and Marie Grafshalm, who have a very special child. He's 13, but really hasn't been given the same "stuff" that most people are given, and all little Bebo can do is sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." So when you and I are enjoying "We are Church" and Kumbyah, Bebo just sings yet another verse of Twinkle. In other words, what language the breaking of the bread is in, doesn't make a difference. In order to be church to Bebo, we should have the breaking in a language no one gets. Then, we'll all be as happy as Bebo is.

So if we all went to Latin, we'd all be equally happy.

I can NOT believe I'm writing this.


Father Tim said...

Hey. I cannot believe you are writing this either, Sister. Imagine my shock when I took a break from the "Womyn as Foot-washers" forum to check out the 'blog on my iPhone. I really wish I was down there to keep everyone on an even keel.

Sister - please go see Maryann ASAP! There's going to be a ceremonial "die-in" at the Peace Pagoda in Oak Ridge this Wednesday night, and I really think you should attend. It will do you good.

ignorant redneck said...

Dus thys meen we wontnt goe to
the labyarince with sammitchwes tommarrow?

Britt said...

you know Syster, that Latin stuff sounds an aweful lot like how we try to take the gender out of our language to prevent discrimination against those of alternate genders and promote tolerance. Using dym instead of the dreaded Father helps all people to be equally as confused to the gender of the person you're speaking with, and so if the person you're speaking with is confused about their own gender, then we're all on the same field! I vote that we should use only Latin from now on so that those who are confused about the language of others, like those mexican people, will be equally as confused about their own language.

Or maybe we should make up a new language out of Twinkle Twinkle to help poor little Bebo feel more at home?

Therese said...

Sistyr I would love to go and see a latin mass one day. If you can ask this lady on the bus if you can go to one with her. I think the latin mass would be beautiful.

Rae said...

Sr. Fairah--You're connecting Latin with social justice?! This really breaks the paradigm... H. Robert will have a fit, since you've probably just discredited his last two books (or something of the sort). :)