Tuesday, October 2, 2007

'Blog Banning Bonanza!

Hey! Well, that horrible RadTrad NeoCath Paramedic Girl created a "meme" that included SOV2. This is clearly a ploy to generate too much "traffic" on this "site" and to flood our "servers" or whatever those things are with a bunch of NeoCon people. But on the positive side, it has given me lots of "links" into 'blogs that our faith communicants might have stumbled on by accident, so now that I can ban them, the "internet" will be a safer place:

Aussie Coffee Shop: PH, H, RT, O
Nova Et Vetera: PH, F, RT, NC, C, T, O
Just doing my best: PH, O, R, T
Cuasa Nostra Laetitiae: PH, T+, EM, RT, NC, F
Twisted Valley: PH, T, H, O, F
SFO Mom: PH, O, EM, T, RT
Wife and Mom of Two: PH, C, T, EM, H, IT
Salve Regina: PH, C, T, NLU, RT, NC, F, O
Est Puzzlementem: PH, T, EM, R
Barefoot & Not Currently Pregnant: PH, F, R, H
St. Louis Catholic: PH, C, F, T, EM
Catholic Family Vignettes: PH, C, T, EM, F
Knit Together in Love: PH, O+, C, T, AM

Hawaiian Catholic Mom: PH, H++, BS, C, T, RT

And what's with all these womyn who have 'blogs but then talk about knitting? Aren't they just reinforcing patriarchical hegemonistic stereotypes? And you should see all the 'blogs that Esther the Hawaiian Catholic Mom has! Sheesh! She's got like 30 'blogs! Conspicuous consumption of the 'blogosphere. Did you know that there are some poor people who don't have a 'blog at all?

Peace out!


Rae said...

As a devoted reader of St. Louis Catholic, I can confirm that the blog is a social and cultural menace. Don't even glance at it!!

Esther said...

I feel left out seeing that you banned a lot of my friends and not me :-)

Therese said...

Thanks Fr. Tim. I am so glad to be on the banned web list. Do I get a we aren't church stamp to put on my blog too?

I also had a thought. Since Paramedic Girl created this meme and bought a heap of trafic to this site is it possible that you and her are the same person?

Therese said...

ps. please add my good friend Esther.

Barb, sfo said...

It's an honor.
I think Esther definitely deserves the same honor.

Father Tim said...

Therese - I am not Paramedic Girl, but I hope that if my womyn-spirit were given tangible form, it would be just like Paramedic Girl, except for being open and progressive, and not all inflexible and dogmatic like Paramedic Girl is. Also, Paramedic Girl lives in Minnesota.

And, hey, Therese! Since you live in Australia, you have a chance to go and be church with the oppressed peple of Redfern!

Esther - let me put this in a way that you will understand... "THOU ART BANNED". It's sometimes so hard to communicate with you Pharisees.

Karin said...

Thank you Father Tim :)
My life long goal, well my life long blogging goal, was to be banned by SOV2, thank you for helping me achieve that!
Well I am off to do some knitting, if your good Father Tim perhaps I will knit you a scarf... :)

paramedicgirl said...

EEK!! I'm NOT Father Tim and Father Tim is not me! Nah, I'm just another rad trad Pharisee. (And I don't really live in Minnesota, isn't that where they have that horrible gay and lesbian friendly church that pretends to be Catholic?

Karin said...

YOu must be confusing San Fran with Minnesota :)
Or could it be that more than one church pretends to be Catholic?

Amy Caroline said...

Oh but my dearies, you didn't add that I am a homeschool mom too!
I am deeply honored and quite giggly! Now I am off to make bread and knit socks before we being our Latin lessons!

Leticia said...

You pathetic victim of the Catholic patriarchy!
Don't you want the fulfillment of working away from home while the State re-educates your children in contraception and global warming?!
They you can spend your paychecks providing them with the latest media poison, and have normal kids like the rest of us!

patjrsmom said...

Hey Fr. Tim,

I know you banned me back on my blog, but do I not get an official *church-sanctioned* banning?

It's because I'm not a homeschooler, isn't it?

That's okay, I'll just offer it up for the poor souls in purgatory when I'm saying my morning rosary. ;-)


Esther said...

Mahalo Fr. Tim! What an honor :-)
BTW, I didn't know I had so many blogs. I would be happy to give one of them to a poor person who doesn't have any blog at all. You sure know how to tug at my heartstrings ;-)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you would be so judgemental and intolerant to do such a thing!!!!

momtomany12 said...

If any faithful Catholic stumbles on this site, just click on any of the banned blogs for some great reads. And leave this one far, far behind.
What a sad, misguided priest!

Athanasius said...

This is a crime, you mean I'm not banned? Maybe I'm not trad enough?

Athanasius Contra Mundum

Pilgrim said...

Fr. Tim,
Although I'm sure you guys have formed some committee to do away with Purgatory, apparently my blog's link on your site didn't get that memo. It's missing the "g" in blogspot. Please get me out of there!!!

Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

I thought "banning" went out with Capernicus and Galileo. How do I get myself banned?

D. G. D. Davidson said...

Maybe I shouldn't say this here, but Momtomany12, it's a joke. I doubt if Father Tim is really a priest. And I doubt if his name's Tim.

Denise said...

Paramedicgirl, you must be talking about the St. Joan of Arc church in MN. www.stjoan.com
Very scary. Then again, so is Father Tim!

Mac McLernon said...

Ok, I want to know what bit of woolly thinking escaped me on a bad day to allow my site to escape being banned? I mean, my reputation is at stake here!

Georgie Tamayo Clemens said...

Just happened on this blog..it's a joke right? Guys, don't fall for this...it's tongue in cheek! Sheesh!

Divine Mercy said...

i guess you might as well bite the bullet and ban me to. why not? iam a traditional Catholic who loves the TLM. feel free to add me too. i don't mind in the slightest:)

Divine Mercy said...

oh, and don't forget, i get the rating of bells and smells! oh yeah, don't forget while your at it, that God has infinite mercy! don't forget to say your Chaplet of Divine Mercy for all of those who get banned, and if you ban me, might as well say a chaplet for me too:)

Divine Mercy said...

oh! oh! oh! i forgot to tell you something VERY important!!! paramedic girl is my sister!!

Divine Mercy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lowdenclear said...

Father Tim,
Why aren't you banning more Irish people?!?! We should be banned too!!! :-P

Thomas Tobias Danna said...

Dear Friends at the Spirit of Vatican II Catholic Faith Community in Knoxville, Tennessee,

My blog Astonished, Yet at Home! should be noted by all your readers as intolerant. You have given me a C for clericalism, but I regularly link to San Antonio Archbishop Jose Gomez's column, and the archbishop is a former Opus Dei priest. This at least should earn me a C+ for extreme clericalism. I do tend towards smells and bells. If I could find a wife who could handle my extreme medievalism, we would homeschool if some exceptional NAPCIS school was not nearby. Haugen-Haas ice cream man music in mass makes my brain freeze. I also detest orange, white, and Rocky Top.

But adhering to the call to dialogue marked by the Spirit of Vatican II, perhaps we can build some common ground, as I oppose republicanism nearly as much as I oppose your liberalism. Not because it is as damning; rather, confused people might mistake it more easily for real Catholicism. Perhaps that statement reeks of Phariseeism, but you already have properly graded me on that matter.

Also, you should know I contribute to a blog at http://parousians.blogspot.com . I do not speak for all the bloggers at that website, so please judge us on our own merits in a way that does not display the Phariseeism you so ably condemn.

Finally, I purchased a poster off e-bay and was wondering if Sister Fairah could sign it? It is so inspiring that I might visit your community if she ever is involved with any liturgical dance. I figure this would not violate my conscience since I imagine your liturgies have nothing to do with anything I would consider a valid mass. Has Sister Fairah actually taken vows? Has she ever longed for a simpler, 13th century lifestyle? Please pass my e-mail address along to her.

Your blog makes me laugh.

Pax Christi,
Toby Danna