Friday, October 19, 2007

So I'm partially contagious

Wednesday night I got a phone call from the Sister who is in charge of my region. We are supposed to have them come visit us once a year, but it hasn't worked out so well the last several years. When Sr. Ophelia asked if she could come visit, I tried to explain that it wasn't a good idea, and that the poor cat had died and that all the squirrels in the neighborhood were now hairless. For some reason, she didn't believe me, and insisted on coming and bringing another Sister with her. Well, when they arrived, they saw I wasn't lying about being hairless or the squirrels in the neighborhood, but still insisted on staying with me. I told them I was afraid they'd get it, but they wouldn't take "no" for an answer. So they came in, and stayed the night. However, I insisted they not touch me, and that they sanitize the bathroom first.

I was so scarred that the next day they'd both be hairless, too. But thank Gaia that they weren't. So I am sure now that I am only contagious if I touch someone.

But that's still a problem at SOV2. Everyone is so inclined to hug, I just can't come around yet. But I am going to go tomorrow and find a church that won't hug and stuff. I'll be very careful about not touching anyone, and won't let anyone hug me or anything.

You see, I'm getting terribly lonely. I just have to go out and be around people!

And I just can't stand the thought of going out bald. But wigs HURT (the rash is still there). A nice, soft, white cloth works well. But this afternoon, I walked to the corner mini-mart to buy some green tea, and THREE different people thought I was Amish. Apparently, the white head covering is distinctively Amish. I don't want that mistake to happen again (although it was a great experience of unity), so I borrowed one of Sr. Perpetua's veils (she was the one that came with Sr. Ophelia). Poor Sr. Perpetua is one of about three in the community that still sticks to those awful male-imposed habits. But at least I won't be mistaken for Amish this way. I just HAVE to get out, and the veil will allow me to do that. But please, no one think that I'm being subservient or anything. And if you should see me, DO NOT touch me under any circumstances!

Che': are you running the antivirus check EVERY 2 HOURS, like I said? And running that script that will keep H. Robert from upgrading to Vista again? DON"T FORGET.....

Dym Tim, enjoy Jamaica. Don't let Che' get to you. You deserve the break. I've heard the scuba diving there is outstanding!

Maryann, will you prepare the sermon this week? I don't think the community really wants Che' or Keith again, and I personally will NOT allow H. Robert to do it again. He is SUCH a facist!


Anonymous said...

Is it a vale of tears?

Father Tim said...



peace o

Che' Lovell said...

Hey Sister Fairah! Why can't I do the sermon? I mean are peoples saying things because I think I always do a really good job. Except the time I accidentally locked everybody in and I forgot the padlock combination and Cyrus was out of town and we were all locked in. But I mean we got to watch a bunch of Julia Roberts films.

Anonymous said...

Wow-veils are sooooo hot!

Adoro te Devote said...

Che'~ While it makes me shudder uncontrollably, Maryann told me she's doing the homily this week.

I can't believe I'm still working here.