Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Letter from an old friend

I just received an "email" from an old friend. Dr. John Alesdorf, or as we liked to refer to him "Dr. A" from Villanoce College. The "graphic" at right is one that he sent with the email. He's an esteemed scholar in theology and "scriptures" and has always described himself as, "basely devoted to the Spirit of Vatican II". Below is what he sent me...

Syb Bob, I thought you would be interested in what the radical neocon journalistic monopoly is putting out. Below is the article with my emphases and comments.

Washington Times article published Oct 28, 2007
Mass appeal to Latin tradition

October 28, 2007

By Kristi Moore – Roman Catholic churches nationwide are rushing to accommodate a surge in demand for the traditional Latin Mass, which is drawing a surprising new crowd: young people. [If one counts a "surge" as the numbers going from 3 to 6, then yes. And after the brainwashing put upon these children by the Reagan-Ratzingerist cabal it's no wonder they believe they want this "TLM"]

Since July, when a decree from Pope Benedict XVI lifted decades-old restrictions [As we call know he illegally overturned the rightful ban.] on celebrating the Tridentine Mass, seven churches in the Washington metropolitan area have added the liturgy to their weekly Sunday schedules.

"I love the Latin Mass," said Audrey Kunkel, 20, of Cincinnati. "It"s amazing to think that I"m attending the same Mass that has formed saints throughout the centuries." [Probably a home schooler. This is why we must mandate all children be in public schools where their minds may be properly formed.]

In contrast to the New Order Mass, which has been in use since the Second Vatican Council in 1969 and is typically celebrated in vernacular languages such as English, the Tridentine Mass is "contemplative, mysterious, sacred, transcendent, and [younger people are] drawn to it," said the Rev. Franklyn McAfee, pastor of St. John the Beloved in McLean. "Gregorian chant is the opposite of rap, and I believe this is a refreshing change for them." [Finally a word of truth. Gregorian chant is the opposite of rap. It's a dead form in a dead language that speaks to no one.]

Susan Gibbs, the director of communications from the Archdiocese of Washington, said the attraction demonstrated by the young adults is "very interesting." [Hopefully Ms. Gibbs is imbued enough with the Spirit of Vatican 2 to see the danger that this poses.]

Besides the liturgy"s rich historical content and spiritual significance, the younger generations show an interest in the old becoming new again, said Louis Tofari of the Society of St. Pius X, an order of clergy that opposed the reforms of the Second Vatican Council.

"People who never grew up with the traditional Mass are finding it on their own and falling in love with it." [Just a passing fad. ]

The Tridentine Mass helps people in their 20s and 30s who have grown up in a culture that lacks stability and orthodoxy see something larger than themselves: [ Obviously these people have missed the point in seeing the environment and other cultures as being truly larger than they are. Sniveling selfish brats in need of true education.] the glory of God, said Geoffrey Coleman of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter"s Our Lady of Guadalupe seminary in Denton, Neb.

The Tridentine Mass "detaches me from the world and lifts my mind, heart and soul to heavenly things," [ See the dangers of these trads. Brainwashing.] said Michael Malain, 21, of Houston.

Kirk Rich, 21, of Oberlin, Ohio, remembers the first time he attended a Tridentine Mass and recalls thinking that a new religion had been invented.

"That"s certainly what it seems like when comparing the two forms of the Mass," Mr. Rich said.

The biggest difference between the two forms is that the Tridentine Mass is always celebrated in Latin, except for the homily. The priest also leads the parishioners facing east, the traditional direction of prayer. The New Order Mass can be celebrated in Latin, but usually is not. There are also differences in some of the prayers, hymns and vestments. [Obviously this journalist doesn't understand the disrespect shown by the priest in turning his backs from the people, the manifestation of God.]

As a result, the overall feel of the Tridentine Mass is more solemn and serious.

"The coffee social is after the traditional Latin Mass, not in the middle of it," [What a wonderful idea this would be. It would reinforce the idea of the mass as a communal meal.] said Kenneth Wolfe, 34, of Alexandria. "No one can say, with a straight face, that the post-Vatican II liturgy and sacraments are more beautiful than the ones used for hundreds and hundreds of years."

Like the churchgoers now demanding the celebration of the Tridentine Mass, the priests learning the rite are usually younger as well. [See. I warned you of the dangers of these young fogeys.]

The Society of St. Pius X trains priests in the liturgy of the Tridentine Mass and has received as many as 25 requests a week for instruction since July.

"The phone was ringing nonstop, and I was getting e-mail after e-mail,’ Mr. Tofari said. "The response was absolutely incredible; most of the people who call are below the age of 30."

The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter has collaborated with Una Voce America to host workshops for clergy in Denton, Neb. Una Voce America, which promotes the celebration of the Tridentine Mass, usually teaches the rite to 12 students a session. But in September, it increased that number to 22 to meet the increased demand for training.

Many priests think the changes approved by the pope will do more than bring young people into the church. They think the celebration of the Tridentine Mass will increase the faith of many followers. [WARNING Will Robinson. DANGER DANGER ]

The Rev. Paul Scalia, 37, has been celebrating the Tridentine Mass at St. Rita Church in Alexandria. He said the increase in young attendance is evidence that the Mass is something living and life-giving.

"The beauty is tremendous, as it draws us to God, who is beauty Himself," Father Scalia said.

This should be a clarion call to all of us at SOV2 of the very real danger we now face.


Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

You are so right, Syb Bob!

Why did you recognize the name of that last priest quoted in the article? Fr. Paul Scalia?

Do you know who his father is?

Justice Clarence Thomas!

Serious danger!

Rae said...

'"The coffee social is after the traditional Latin Mass, not in the middle of it," [What a wonderful idea this would be. It would reinforce the idea of the mass as a communal meal.]'

Didn't Fr. Tim once purchase a lovely coffeepot for this very purpose? (I love coffee!)

Syb Bob said...

See Dr. A was right about the Reagan-Ratzingerist Cabal. A priest that is the offspring of one of those neocon devils is the most damning of proof.

I should have known Dym Tim would already be a step ahead of me.

Cygnus said...


Take another look when you enter Dym Tim's church. That's not a holy water font . . . it's Folger's!

Rich aromatic flavor? You're soaking in it!

Father Tim said...

Spidergraph... Dorothy Dayarmpitdondeeslacarrateraamanagua

H Robert Williams said...

Ah! I did not know you knew John Alesdorf! That is very exciting.

John and I used to play handball together and were members of the Esperanto Universalist Support Club. Of course I never quite developed my Esperanto. But John was fluent.

You know he is often attacked by the radical traditionalists but I assure everyone that he was a middle of the road, main stream theologian of the same type as Father McBrien at Notre Dame. He helped me quite a bit with my book Prickly Topics.

H. Robert

Rae said...


I knew that there was a reason I loved this place!! Who needs incense when you've got coffee beans? :)

Syb Bob said...

H. Robert,

I forgot that Dr A said to say "Hi". And wanted me to tell you that he's nearly finnished with his tranlation of the complete works of Hans Kung into Esperanto.