Thursday, October 11, 2007

Reaction to Offensive Letter from Krystal

I am outraged at the offensive letter written by Krystal to Che Lovell and posted on this web site. This crass and bigoted attack on Wicca must stop immediately. I was surprised and offended beyond my capability to give verbiage to my sentiments. Mere words do not adequately describe the pain I am feeling right now.

This is horrendous! It is a step backward to the middle ages and the Witch Trials in Germany where hundreds of millions of witches were summarily tortured and executed, deprived of their human dignity and rights by narrow minded fundamentalist christians.

I am working with the World Council of Witches and Warlocks (WCWW) to formulate an appropriate response to this revolting, repugnant, fascist, calumny against a peaceful, earth-nurturing religion. Be assured that whatever form it takes this response will demand an immediate apology from the Catholic Church along with appropriate renumeration for actual and punitive damages.

H. Robert Williams


Medieval Trad said...

"It is a step backward to the middle ages and the Witch Trials in Germany where hundreds of millions of witches were summarily tortured and executed"

Hurrah, at last; I'll bring my matches. Don't worry people, I know how to organise a good witch-burning.

But in the Spirit of Vatican 2 the burning has to be a community event with plenty of active participation - these things aren't just for the benefit of the witch, you know, they're a blend of mimed sermon and liturgical dance. The children love dancing up with the kindling.

We will also need some music that goes well with the witch's screaming - basically anything by Marty Haugen is perfect.

Sr.Fairah said...

GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE, you brain.... and get off the suing train. BE CHURCH....

H Robert Williams said...

Well "Sister" Fairah. I for one do not hide behind antiquated titles. If litigation is the only way of affecting social change than so be it.

Here me sheep! I am summoning all power to myself! Through the power of the internet I soon shall completely control the world's financial institutions. I shall be invincible! Ha ha ha ha ha >EEEEERRRRRK<

Che' Lovell said...

Hey Sister Fairah!

I've pulled the internet connection on H. Robert again. Ever since I put Windows VISTA on his computer he's been acting funny. I only let him on so he could play second life because he was begging me all day. The problem is he has learned to do this multi-tasking thing and so it looks like he's playing second life but he's actually doing something else.

Sorry everybody.


ignorant redneck said...

if heh wyns can nI get some thiker carbord fer my hovel--itz gitin kolt at nite

XXXXXX said...

Some of my superiors have started a project that may eventually allow people to do what H. Robert does, only without dying and becoming just a brain...
I see many applications for more government control... er... I mean crime fighting.

Agent Smith

Christina said...

Wow, H Robert Williams is just like that brain in That Hideous Strength, by CS Lewis. You might want to warn him not to seek too much power; he might end up mauled by a bear like that one was.