Thursday, October 25, 2007

Moving In...

I just received word from my superiors that I will be given a promotion and a new assignment...

My reports back to Washington have alarmed some of the higher officials, and they wish for me to keep a closer eye on the events in Knoxville. I have been authorized to set up a department office just a mile down the road, so like it or not, my involvement with the SOV2 community is now more or less permanent.

Don't be alarmed by the construction--it should be quick, the Government is usually pretty efficient with new building projects--or by any additional agents who you may see in the area. I can assure you that everything is under control.

Agent Smith


Ima Perile said...

You are nothing more than the willling tool of the Christo-fascist cabal that seeks to foment enviromental collapse through overusage of fossile fuels, dam building for hydroelectric power to stimulate consumerist explaitation of the masses and Nuclear power to distort our goddess engendered genetic Heritage as womyn! Further your testosterone induced paranoia will creat further unrest in the middle-east will erupt in the regional war you so gladly want to bring about your apocalyptic vision of the so called "second-comming".

Fortunatly for the oppressed people of the earth and the sacred rainforest nurtured biosphere we womyn know what your plan is, and after the glorious Gyno-Revolution you will be divested of those unholy growths which spur your anti-womyn ingentility, along with the rest of your kind, thus spurring the research so deperatly needed to devolop artificial wombs and finally free the Sacred Feminine from the shadow of partiarchal bio-exploitation!

have a nice day,

Ms. Ima Perile,

Gaia Church of Universal egregoric vibration.

radtradchad said...

It is a joy to hear you have you will have your own accommodations, Agent Smith. I hope your stay in our humble rectory was pleasant. Vincenzo tells me the family business has been very successful at fishing lately, so we might possibly be able to add a more expansive rectory to our designs.

-Fr. Chadwick LeJanvier, SSLI

Syb Bob said...

Gaea will overcome. Even against the technoevil of such as Agent Smith. And it's wonderful to hear such a reasonable voice as Episcopa Perile. I have to admit that I'm a little hesitant about our move to the "South". One hears so much about "red staters". But hopefully we'll meet up with just as strong a community as we had here in Wisconsin.

- Syb Bob, Gorebertine Order

Agent Smith said...

Thank you Fr. Chadwick,

It was very generous of you to put up with me and the other agents who were coming and going. I apologize for the times that your "vespars" or "rose-airies" were interrupted. I will never forget the hospitality that your parish showed to me, or the things that I learned through the reading of your books. Now my interrogations seem to go a lot quicker and smoother using the methods shown in that "Media-evil" manuscript.

Agent Smith

Ima Perile said...

Syb Bob,

As you are possessed of, and possessed by a Y chromosome, you have not right to speak to me or judge my statements in any way, let alone speak for our GREAT DARK MOTHER!

When "men" speak of spiritual matters, pollution is inevitable. If you have anything to say, qrite it on a slip of resuable paper in pencil, and let a womyn read it and decide--it your words have merti she may well decide to read them aloud.

At the Very least you could done clothing sacred to the Goddess and serve as a Gallae. I have a piece of flint you can use.