Monday, October 22, 2007

Results of WCWW meetings

Dear friends,

I would like to inform you of the results of my discussions with WCWW concerning the future litigation against the Catholic Church due to the publishing of Krystal's offensive letter on this blog. We are currently listing grievances. We do not wish to overwhelm the process by endless enumeration, nor do we want to use all the bolts in our quiver in a single law suit. There will be time for further litigation once we can establish an initial beach head in the conscious of western society. On that score, success is a requirement. We must therefore consider carefully which among the many egregious examples of anti-Wiccan activities to focus upon.

As for myself, I would like nothing better than to litigate over the actions of Bishop Boniface who destroyed Thor's Oak, one of the most important pre-Christian pro-Environmental sacred sites in medieval Europe. This contemptible action not only signaled the beginning of the forcible conversion of many nature-friendly religions, but triggered the rape of the Environment that has led us to this current world catastrophe of global warming.

Dear friends, as Father Tim will be absent and as Che and Todd are making plans for the Animal Rights Mass let us all consider what steps we can make in order to admit, confront and address, prejudices against our Wiccan neighbors and friends. Let us own up to the mistakes that we have made as a corporate institution. I know many of you feel that just because you weren't personally involved in these injustices you have no responsibility. Friends, you are lying to yourselves. You have not begun to confront the inner bigot. Your lack of concern is tacit approval for the activities of "churchmen" like Bishop Boniface.

I want each of you to think of an injustice and then I would like you to write a response to that injustice. I would like you to meditate and consider how it makes you feel, how you would apologize through reparations to the Wiccans which you harmed. After our gathering on Sunday, I would like you to break into small groups and select a facilitator to meet with me and we will decide how best to formulate these responses into an action plan to share with the WCWW.

Thank you so much for your inspired action!

H. Robert


XXXXXX said...

I am keeping my eyes on you, H Robert... Just remember that.

Agent Smith

ignorant redneck said...

i gotz a injuictise! Mi granpappy's organic fule stuff wuz chopped up by revnue ffeds and nowe we gotta spind money on what we dontent drink stida puttin it inna kar!

Che' Lovell said...
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H Robert Williams said...

Dear Appalachian friend. Yes, you too have been exploited and victimized by the establishment. You have been stereotyped and stigmatized by a cruel media. It is important for you now to reach out to other groups and share your feelings of anger and bitterness and embrace the differences of this diverse world.

Go and find someone, preferably of alternate life-style and give them a hug and a shoulder to cry on and tell them that you too understand the need for companionship and support and inclusion. Remember, we all need a hand up and a hand out from time to time. It's okay to ask for help!

So don't forget to vote for Democratic candidates who understand and feel your situation.

H. Robert

Keith said...

Yo I.R.,

What do you say we see if we can load that fifteen gallon jar into my skeet trap?


Anonymous said...

H. Robert, I noticed that you wrote, "Remember, we all need a hand up and a hand out from time to time."

I don't think that you ever need either of those, since you don't have any hands (or feet or sense organs or face or etc.). You are one weird dude, eh?

ignorant redneck said...


Thaet sowndes gud--we kin put Grandpappys fule init to, an i still gotz gammers punt gonne--itllhold 8 oownses of #7 and 6 oonsez ov dupont fff--itz stil onna punt.

Iz H robber gonna by a new jar?

Cygnus said...

Listing grievances? Is SOV2 now celebrating Festivus?