Monday, October 8, 2007

Bananas of Revenge Review

Hey! I took H. Robert Williams internet priveleges away until he promised he wouldn't hack into anybody's bank accounts or anything. But there were a couple people who might have accidentally been put on some sort of list with Agent Smith or something. So if Agent Smith calls you just tell them that it's probably because of H. Robert Williams and that you are not actually a member of the Serpent Society whatever that is because I don't know. But whatever you do don't anybody dress up like a snake for Samhain (Halloween).

Oh yah! I am really sorry about the whole thing with the obstacle coarse. But if you remember I think everyone signed that paper thing saying you won't sue SOV2 because ever since H. Robert tried to sue us we've been real careful about legal stuff. But I think everybody is out of the mud trench now. Actually for the climbing wall thing which also fell over I think it was Robin Williams fault because he was making me laugh really hard and so I accidentally leaned up against it.

Hey! Some people are starting to review Bananas of Revenge (BOR) and they are awesome because people are saying things like it is really high brow and stuff. Because I think high-brow is pretty good because that's what I was going for was really high brow. One of the reviews is at the B-Movie Catechism which is one of those banned blogs but I think it is okay because there talking about stuff so as long as you only read about my movie and things your okay. Just don't read the review of FROGS or anything because that talks about the Pope.

The other review is at Sci-Fi Catholic except its not a review because he just said I need to liberate dragons first. That's after he rewrote BOR with all these people not one of them is L. Ron Hubbard. But I think it was funny but I'm not sure because it seemed maybe more high-brow or something. That's also a banned blog but I read it all the time anyway and just don' tell Father Tim. I am working on Act III and I am talking to Krystal to see if she'll say something about dragons because I don't know much about them.



ignorant redneck said...


I done tryed yur idea of kuttin the treees to get the animuls but all i getted was a hornets nest, some cuts and skrapz and a tiket frumme the Gam wierden.

I told my butties from the Klub it waz cuz of skwierrelies beine dirt fiends, and all like dim tym sed an now thy be mad and say i'm a gai commie and they burned my truck and mi sheeet an mi barn whilst i was in it an said I was gai an my gal left for a muriine an now the guy from the suddifition comes onna my porch and set real close an i doonut jno what gai is but my barns gone an I got no gal or butdys and i'm hungry wit no skwerrileeses an ken u hep?

Che' Lovell said...

Hey IR! That's cool because SOV2 runs a cardboard city out back and stuff and we need people. I mean, nobody ever lived in or anything but it was for solidarity. I used some of the cardboard for the obstacle coarse but I think there may be some left.


ignorant redneck said...

carbdoard? thats wut is on mi old roooof till my klub burneded it.

dontent tell that guy frum the sudivition, he keeps tryin to sit klos after thai sed i wuz gai