Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Letter from the Road

Hey! Whoa! Sounds like things are getting out of hand down there at SOV2. Hey Sister - good idea to keep away from people for a while until that whole skin/hair thing works itself out. No need to go to the faith gathering this Sunday. Also, I'd offer to send over Dr. Argot to see how you are doing, but frankly Dr. Argot is very valuable to the faith community, and I wouldn't want him to catch anything.

As for me, I'm doing great! As you all know, I went on retreat the weekend before last, just a quick weekend retreat to the University of Dayton's Library of Curranianism. I really expected to be back at SOV2 on Monday, October 6, but wouldn't you know it? I ran into Brother Yurgli, who was a good friend of mine back in the Boston. He invited me to spend a day of reflection with his community in Cleveland. It's a really cool group of mendicant Brothers (The Discalced Brothers of the Heinz Fraternity) who minister to the wealthy community of Cleveland, Ohio. You wouldn't believe their monastary! While I was there, I was called upon to provide spiritual guidance to a Mr. and Mrs. Stanislaw, who were having some difficulties concerning Mrs Stanislaw's repeated infidelities. Well, it turns out that Mr. Stanislaw is a cousin of David Haas's barber, and before you know it, I was on a private jet bound for the MLMWCR '07 convention. I had a super time there - at one point we sang "Gather Us In" as a round, and then there was this really cool medley of "Lord of the Dance/On Eagles Wings/Sing A New Song", which lasted for five hours and featured some of the best freeform improvisational liturgical dance that I have ever seen. We all got commemorative clay communion goblets to remember the event.

I had to duck out a little early because I got a call to be a guest speaker at the ACWOF forum in New Ulm, which was pretty cool (that was yesterday). I had no sooner finished my talk (well received, by the way), when I bumped into Ron Don-Pheobus in the hallway. Ron is the High Chief Liturgist for the National Shrine of Dorothy Day in Milford, Connecticut, and he just insisted that I fly over to Connecticut with him to see their new interpretive "Mass of the Worker". Well, let me tell you, it's just as great as it sounds!

Anyway, I'm bushed. This has been a really hard couple of weeks of ministry, so I'm going to delay my return and take up RonDon's offer to unwind for a couple of days at his place in Hilton Head. You all are doing great in my absence. Just stay away from Sister Fairah, and, hey! Sister Fairah - remember that you can best be church to others right now by being eucharist by yourself at home.

Peace out!

Dym Plarvik


Anonymous said...

Dym Tim,
Life and the ministry are tough. You are called to give all of yourself all the time.

I think you deserve more time off to recharge and be church to yourself.

5 hours of singing? Sounds like you need a beer or two in your commemorative goblet.

Rae said...

OMG, "Gather Us In" is one of those classic drinking songs!! And as such, I hear that it's responsible for some cutting-edge liturgical dancing... You'll have to show us some new moves when you're back home, Father Tim!