Thursday, October 4, 2007


Jesus, a great prophet, recommended that we go out and "Spread the Good News" and that's what I'm doing!

I just got back from my mean "retreat" on the Danube river, and while there, we came across the coolest thing for our ministry!

Altho' SOV2 is a rockin' place, we shouldn't limit our great prophetic voice to one small corner of the Universe. To do so is to limit what the god-spirit wants to do with us. We are charged with going out among the people, being Eucharist with them, but how can we do that when we are imitating that dead heirarchical and patriarchial organization, the Roman Catholic church, in plotting out a piece of Mother Earth?

So I have met with Dym Tim, and we're going to purchase a new way to bring SOV2 on the road! I'll have informational and brainstorming sessions all month, and next month we'll have listening sessions, so everyone gets a say as to where we might go first.

Our theme this year is "WE ARE CHURCH!" so we're going to require that all of the older students sign up for a mission trip on the new...well....what should we call it?

Any suggestions?


Dym Tim and Che', will you choose the best names and the proper award for whoever wins?


Father Tim said...
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Father Tim said...

Hey Maryann! Or should I say "Dym Maryann?" Anyway, my only thought is "Spiritmobile" - I'm sure that Ché and our many creative faith communicants will be able to come up with some super suggestions.

Maryann McGronk said...

Dym Tim, I thing my term should be Mym Maryanne, because I can't be a Dym.

Anyway, thanks for your support. I never could have done this without you and Womenpriests, Call to Action, and Dignity.

Roman Sacristan said...

Nah, "spiritmobile" is way to close to the "popemobile."

You need something like the "fly-spirit-ride" That title would be dope and psychadelic!

Of course along that line, you could have the "Jesus-Christ-Superstar-good-time-vibe-spirit-car"

Therese said...

what about flying high on the Spirit of Vatican II?

Che' Lovell said...

I want Trippin' With Peoples!

But if somebody comes up with an even more awesome name I will give them one of the mirror hats for the environment. By the way! We still have 49,987 hats left! So if you don't win than you can buy one for ten dollars.


Kat said...

You could start singing We are the church...

I have a whole post about the song on my blog

Anonymous said...

OOH! How 'bout "Why da peoples be trippin?"

Father Tim said...

I vote for "SOV Cruiser", or maybe just call it an "SOV", you know... like SUV, but different?

XXXXXX said...

Well, for government vehicles, we number them and put many electronic devices in them to readily identify them--although sometimes the radio gets kinda fuzzy with the interference.
How about this for an idea:

Agent Smith