Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Obstacle Coarse Map

Here is the obstacle coarse map. We're not done making it yet, but it is going to be AWESOME!

We're going to start over at the side door of the temple and then we're going to run and climb up this wall Keith and I are building. Then you run over this wooden plank over the mud and then you have to jump over the electric fences.

Keith said that its like 220 volts or something but I don't know what that means really, but I know you DON'T WANT TO TOUCH THE WIRES! But they are only like a half a meter off the ground so it shouldn't be too bad unless your old or fat.

Then you run around through the parking lot which is going to have all these barrels and things in it and over to the "mind field" we didn't want to actually use minds because they are hard to get and we didn't want to hurt people so instead we've broken a lot of bottles and thrown them around. Oh yah! Be careful because there already there. You can see them if you look hard enough.
Then we've dug this trench with the bobcat and we're filling it with water right now because we have all the hoses on. You have to wade along that. It's only about waist deep so it shouldn't be too hard unless you're really short or something. Then you go over to the rope swing and you swing on that over another pit of mud. And then you have to climb under the barbed wire. I wanted you to have to kind of repel down the side of the SOV2 but I couldn't find a really long rope. So that's the finish line.

I've got to get back to digging now. I think Father Tim is going to be really excited to see all the work we did.


Christina said...

I though I read something somewhere that the more water we use the less there will be for furture generations. And doesn't the water turn into ice, which cools down the earth (like ice cubes in a glass of water)?

Also, isn't mud dark and don't dark things get hotter faster? So by taking all that cold water and turning it into mud you're contributing to global warming!

I don't see a medic tent for Our Earth Mother out there...tisk.

Dr. Thomas Al-Fakkir said...

Ché. I have many ecumenical friends who could use your course for... exercise training. If possible, we would like you to leave your course up after the Che-day blood-orgy.

Peace be upon you.

Cygnus said...

Will Phil Keoghan be there to eliminate the last contestants to finish?

Che' Lovell said...

Hey Everybody! Its awesome to see how everybody is really excited about the obstacle coarse. And Christina is right about the fact that there's some damage to the environment. But I just bought more carbon offsets and I've been wearing my mirror hat more. A lot of people ask where I got it.

Anyway, Keith tried it out but couldn't get up the wall so he had to stop. I was going to try it but I was busy writing my play after we got finished.

Oh Yah! I'm not sure if that Keoghan guy is available but the winner will get a free mirror hat and an organic pumpkins.


Anonymous said...

A mind field is a terrible thing to waste.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of mirrored hats. I was wandering around the building yesterday and came across a strange sight. Isn't that a bit cruel? Does he even get out in the sun for this to work?

Che' Lovell said...

Hey anonymnous person! I take H. Robert out all the time especially when it's sunny. But you can't put him in the sun too long because apparently some of the medicines in the water are UV sensitive. So I smeared the tank with sunscreen.