Sunday, October 14, 2007

Let's all be open and honest

Dear Friends,

I think there is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding here. I can't say that I am not at least partially to blame, and I accept and own my part in any ill-feelings which may have surfaced. However, let's be honest with each other. How many of you maybe have jumped to conclusions. True, I am 'just a brain in a jar' but I have feelings. I have good days and bad days and I have my daily challenges, hopes, dreams, aspirations. Being a brain in a jar has given me a new perspective on things and that perspective, as part of a growing diversity and inclusion plan is healthful and necessary. Aren't some of us saying that brains in jars aren't welcome at SOV2? That I am somehow, less than human? That I am merely a computer or a trick, or a hoax.

People, how do you know that YOU aren't in fact brains in jars in some laboratory someplace and that your experience of reality isn't some elaborate hoax? What experiment can you play to prove that you are real? That is a challenge I would like to leave you with.

But, I am sorry. I am sorry that it has come to this. Look how that shameful and harmful hate-filled letter from Krystal has torn this community apart. This bigotry has harmed all of us. We are all victims of a twisted history. A pattern of deceit. That is why I hope you will join me in my... errr.... our lawsuit, that being the WCWW and my legal action against the Catholic Church for fostering and spreading such anti-wiccan rumors. For I am certain that as we dig deeper we will find that indeed this was all a clever plot, machinations from Ratzinger to be unearthfriend to our wiccan sisters and brothers. Che' is clearly not the brightest light in the sky. Who better to fool that this innocent soul?

Please, let us move beyond anger and hostility. Let us break the circle of recrimination and find the guilty, who we all know and can name, and BLAME THEM with MASSIVE LEGAL ACTION! WITH PROTESTS IN THE STREET! RIOTS! MOCK EXECUTIONS! ...errrrr.... I mean non-violent civil disobedience and peaceful political agitation in the name of acceptance.

Thank you,

H. Robert Williams


Anonymous said...

Since I started this, I'll continue.
Yes, you are less than human. You are not even alive. You are a hoax.
I KNOW I am real because I can physically feel. I can choose to love (or hate). I can be one with the mother-spirit, because I am both body and spirit. You, brain-in-a-jar, exist only because there IS a human behind a computer somewhere giving you the facade of life.
Quit using SOV2.

Che' Lovell said...

Hey Sister Fairah!

It's Che'. I took Windows VISTA back off of H. Robert's computer and put him back on a Windows 95 computer and he seems to be acting more normalish. The only problem is now we can't get him to work with the Playstation III. Because one is 128 bits and the other is 32 bits or something like that. But then someone said I should try Linnix or something but I thought maybe he meant I should put windex in H. Robert's water and see if that works.

Basically I cleaned his jar really well the other day and he seemed to be happier but sometimes its really hard to tell with him because like I said he can multitask.

I was hoping somebody knew somebody at Microsoft I could talk to because I can never get threw to anybody important. But I did meet some guy named Steve Jobs and he said that you should never use Windows with Brains in Jars because of some third party software is not compatible with the new hardware coming out of China. He said I should use Apple. I had an old Apple 2c from when I was at U.T. but I can't figure how to hook that in.


Anonymous said...

I know IT. Steve Jobs is biased, and would tell you to put OS X on your PC. Leave H.Roberts on Win95, if you must leave him on anything. He can do something else instead of playstation, or give him an old Xbox, or just let him play minesweeper all day, or give him a tetris applet. What difference does it make? He's JUST A BRAIN.

ignorant redneck said...

I red hiz ltter, but i is scarred of just a bran. I saw a muvy about bran inna jar.

an I wanna nuther samidwiych