Friday, October 5, 2007

Hey no fair!

Hubris! Would you believe the hubis of those Neocaths? Would you believe that one of those radtrad people has the nerve to BAN SOV2's 'BLOG???!?!?!

Well. It's happened. Jean at Catholic Fire has banned this 'blog.


Catholic Fire: PH, NC, RT, IT, O, H+, R+, T, C, NLU, AM, BS, F

Take that, Catholic Fire! You think you can curse us with your Latin language stuff? Well, try this on for size: May your life-spirit be exchanged with that of an polar bear who has just been stranded on an ice-floe that broke off because of global warming!

Also, just to let you know, I will be on retreat this weekend so that I can do some research at the University of Dayton's Library of Curranianism (they have the world's largest collection of articles by people named Curran). Since I'll be gone, I am hoping that Mym McGronk or Sr. Fairah will take up the homily or do the mass or something. If no-one shows up to do the mass, all you faith communicants can just sing some Marty Haugen songs or something. Remember "wherever there are two people gathered in my name, that's a valid mass" as it says in the Bible.

Oh, and also by the way, I got a nice telephone call from Fr. Curt Kane, and he said that despite the rude treatment of the SOViers, he would be disposed to coming back to cover for me while I'm at the Womynchurch retreat. If this does work out, please try to be nicer to him.

Peace out!


Therese said...

Don't worry too much Fr. Tim. Even though Jean has banned you, I will still come here each day for my daily laugh.

XXXXXX said...

I wouldn't advise Mr. Kane to come anywhere near Knoxville--my superiors are still searching for him.

Agent Smith

Pilgrim said...

Hey Fr. Tim, since you honored me with a double ban, I decided to honor you with a very special hymn and perhaps a new Music Minister.

Jean M. Heimann said...

Fr. Tim,

The Holy Father banned you long before I did - just passing on the message.

But, don't lose heart, I think Rosie O'Donnell and Whoopie Goldberg are still reading your blog.

As for banning my blog, Deo Gratias!

Marie said...

Well!!!! Should I be offended? I havent yet been banned!!

Though most on my blog roll are banned...I am insulted that I wasnt consulted LOL!

Er Uno Numero Domino Pizza(thats about the best latin I can do LOL)