Friday, October 5, 2007

Historical Revisionism!

Hey everybody! Boy, I'm hot under the collar (or would be if I wore a collar). Anyway, there's some terrible historical revisionism going on over at Roman Sacristan, trying to make it look like St. Francis was not an Earthfriend. The Roman Sacristan, who, by the way, was BANNED a long time ago, has an article (which you are forbidden to read) which basically says that St. Francis was one of those patriarchical oppressive medieval people, instead of the enlightened guru that we know he really was.

The worst part of this, is that this came on the day of fellowship with St. Francis (who we at SOV2 refer to affectionately as SuperFrank). I hope the Roman Sacristan can feel his loss of Karma for impugning the reputation of the Great Shaman SuperFrank.

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Larry B. said...

I agree with Roman Sacristan!