Sunday, September 30, 2007

OK - Never Again!!

Hey! Wow! What a terrible Sunday! OK, OK, the Greek Choir thing was a really, really bad idea. Not only did they absolutely refuse to sing any of our hymns, but whatever it was that they were singing sounded like a humpback whale that had swallowed an accordion. Man!

I apologize for walking out during the Faith Offering part of the mass, but I just couldn't take it any more. I hope someone finished the mass up for me - someone let me know how it turned out for the other two faith gatherings. And let me know if that Greek Choir is gone. It's sending shivers up my spine just thinking about that racket they made.

On another note, as you know, we sent Todd Turk and his Sugar Spirit Choir over to St. George's to sing at their faith gathering as an ecumenical gesture. And would you believe that they actually stoned them? Todd was in tears (and bruises). Man! What is this ecumenical fellowship coming to?


Anonymous said...

Ah, how refreshing to know that my decison to worship this morning in the labyrnith was a good one. I think I even had a few of the greeks with me ... whoever it was wasn't speaking english, anyway. So I'm afraid I can't tell you how it ended, Dym Tim... next time, just give me a day's warning, and I'd be glad to do the service!

Anonymous said...

Hey, you ought to be church with these guys; they're on their own faith journey, and you have to be cool with them because Greece is like a Third World country or something, so they don't know better.

At least it's their OWN funny language, not like the Traddy Latin Mass gang.

Anyway, you should be in solidarity with the Greeks because in the 60s when everyone else was getting hip and chilling out to vatican2 and Free Love, the Greeks had this dreadful anti-communist military dictatorship that oppressed everyone.

You'll probably find that they were just singing gathering songs to rally the people against militaristic suppression.

Anonymous said...

And I think Todd must have misunderstood them. Greek people throw plates at the end of dinner to show they liked it - they were probably just doing something like that to show how much they appreciated Todd's music.

You guys are with the people, but you just need to get a bit more inculturated to understand the wider church.

Che' Lovell said...

Hey Father Tim! You know I liosten to a lot of humpback whale songs and blue whales and dolphin music and stuff. I don't know what it was they were singing but it definitely wasn't whale. Whale kind of sounds like this: Waaaaahhhhhhheeeeeeeoooooooo wooooooohhhhhheeeeeeeaaaaaooooooo weeeeeeooooooo. I don't think that was it.


Christina said...

Hey, speaking of music, which of these songs are the best by SOV2 standards?

- Gather Us In
- Canticle of the Sun
- Final Blessing
- You are Mine
- We Will Rise Again

I have a priest friend who would just love one of these songs dedicated to him. Unfortunatley I'm more familiar with accordion playing whales and don't know which one would be the best.

Syb Bob said...

As I've always said... "never trust a Greek chorus without goat accompaniment."

Father Tim said...

Hey Christina,

Gather Us In is definately the best liturgical music ever written. Except it goes a little bit soft on the rich and the haughty. Personally, I won't even let the haughty into the worship space. They can stay outside.

Dym Tim