Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Look Who's Talking!

Hey everybody! I'm really excited because the latest issue of Thinking Catholic has published an article that I wrote. I won't reprint it here, because you should really get a subscription yourself, but I'll give you a little snippet:

...But we have to ask ourselves: if the revolution of Vatican II really liberated us, and did away with oppressive elements of liturgy and opened up a new hermeneutical triangle, then where are the congregants? Why are so many of our most progressive parishes and faith communities ageing? Where are the young? It's as if the flame repels the moth, all of a sudden, and unexpectedly.

I think the answer can only be found in searching within ourselves. Certainly there is a sort of glossolalia that affects some of our most sincere efforts to reach out to a public that has learned (rightly enough!) to distrust the utterances of organized religion. After all, one doesn't have to journey far beyond Chalcedon in order to enter into a certain cataphaticism, and that may be what binds us. We are so familiar within the oikoumene of progressivism that we naturally discount the sublime inroads made by reactionaries. We thus discount the very real effects of the potentia oboedientialis which would otherwise serve as a willing ally to the advance of our life-contexts as personified in the self-abiding that couples to the forms of the liturgy.

Anyway, if you want to read more, get yourself a subscription!


H Robert Williams said...

I was pleased to see Barker remembered me so well from our trip to Prague before the fall of Eastern Europe.

Anyway hats off to you for that wonderful article! I don't think a more lucid summary of the facts exists, and I urge the parishoners to make sure they get themselves a subscription to Thinking Catholic.

D. G. D. Davidson said...

Is that Klingon? Elvish? Venusian?

Che' Lovell said...

Hey D.G.D!

Yah! It's like what are they talking about! Because I thought maybe that's latin but I don't know because he's not supposed to speak latin or Sister Fairah gets a headache. And I thought Latin was like spanish anyway but it's not.

I have big news because I am writing a screen play called "Bananas of Revenge" for Che' Guevara Day. It's kind of like the Grapes of Wrath except a different fruit. So get ready because it's going to be great.


ignorant redneck said...

I only speek anglish. Kin yu rite it en anglish?

Medieval Trad said...

"potentia oboedientialis" - hurrah, Dym Tim, you're speaking Latin. Now, repeat after me ... "Introibo ad altare dei..."