Monday, October 15, 2007

About H. Robert


Keith went camping this week with his friends in Cherokee National Forrest and I was out with my mom at her book signing at the Barnes and Noble all day. And then we went out to eat at the Fallafel Hut. When I got back H. Robert somehow hooked himself back up to the internet again. I don't know how he's doing this but I think he's starting to freak himself out or something because he's bobbing around in the jar and talking to himself a lot.

Anyway, I've unplugged him again so I hope he doesn't cause any more problems for a while. I hope Sister Fairah gets me that anti-virus software or something.

My mom is going back to Connecticut tomorrow. I mean, it was awesome to spend some time with her and stuff but I have to say that I don't like a lot of her friends. I mean how come they all have these beards and things and wear beads and head bands and pony tails and wear sandals. I mean that's okay if you are like eighteen and a girl and stuff because then your probably cute. Well not if you have a beard but except for the beard the other things I mean then your probably cute. Except not all the time becomes some girls aren't cute and I don't like to hang around them very much either.

Anyway, apparently H. Robert has invited a bunch of people from the witch council to come down and I am supposed to take him to the Hollyday Inn near West Town Mall. I already know this is going to be stupid because all there going to talk about is this stupid law suit.


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