Friday, October 5, 2007

Prayer to SuperFrank of Assisi

O SuperFrank
Can you hear us?
Come in, SuperFrank!
We are tuned into you
As you tuned into the Spirit!
Help us to be good Earthfriends
And to reduce our carbon feetprints.
Help us to oppose ungood stewardship
O SuperFrank, increase our karma
And in your unpolluted home
Bring to us, your syblings
Clean consciences
and clean air


paramedicgirl said...

Uh, Father Tim, isn't SuperFrank a hot dog?

Anonymous said...

Dude, this is AWESOME. In my old fashioned prayer book, I've scratched out the original prayer and copied this one over it. (saving the earth by saving paper)

Fr. Tim, I hope you have more rewrites of those old fuddy-duddy latin-origin big word prayers. We need new words for "clement" and "snares" and stuff.

Cygnus said...

That Tom Conry is soooooo talented!

ignorant redneck said...

Dim Tym,

It duz say snares im the prayer bok that chik in thee wite dress with beads gived to mi. Ifn skwirless ar owr erthfrinds, kin wy snare rabbis, like the wuns in my umm rope patch?

Anonymous said...


Don't let the people in Seattle see that. They will have to have a committee meeting in order to agree on where to buy the sustainable soy-ink to use to change their sharing notes and orders of celebration.

Angie said...

Disturbing and very funny.