Monday, October 29, 2007

St. John Cantius

The good news is we're just hours away from our wonderful new home. And about our visit to St. John Cantius. We're still trying to recover. Syb Joe just rocks back and forth chanting "Credo in unum deum" over and over again. Syb Madison has just maintained an icy stare and hasn't said anything yet. As for me.... I don't know what we experienced. I'm tempted to believe that we've stumbled over a time warp, or a living reenactment of the bad old days of the Church. There was NO liturgical dance, no Haugen and even very little English. I think I just saw that banned mass. The one before the glory days of 1960s. There were no womyn anywhere in any role. No womyn priest, no altar gyrls. Nothing. There were people lined along the walls during this "service". I had assumed those booths were those quaint old fashioned telephone booths. But Syb Joe went to make a call and came back to tell me that that there was no telephone there, just a man that he talked to for quiet a while. It was then that I realized that they were "confessionals". Dear Gaea. Don't these people realize that went out when the Spirit of Vatican 2 blew upon the world? The priest preformed mass with his back arrogantly turned toward us in that dead language. The people were so bored that they didn't utter a word during the performance. It looked like most of them had their heads buried in the same novel. And there were womyn scattered that were wearing those catho-burkas. I'm just beside myself remembering it. I thought afterwards that there might have been a spark here as I overheard someone mention classes. I thought well here must be where the underground church is fighting against the patriarchal backwards church. I was expecting enlightened classes like gynoevolutionaryecology or even just some good old fashioned social justice. No my friends. They were talking about Latin and Greek classes. I'm still at a loss. Someone needs to shape this palce up. Never have I been anywhere were the Spirit of Vatican II was as dead as here.


ignorant redneck said...

Wuz their lots of huggin? I don lik all this huggin. The gy frum the big houzes hugged me yeterdai an won'tnt let go.

I iz gonna go theer to were not so mush huggin.

'sides, H robber useed up all mi granpappis fule

Ma Beck said...

Long live the death of the Spirit of Vatican II!

Did you stay for Adoration?

Too bad we didn't meet you - you could have accompanied us to breakfast and heard my friend Dan chant Grace in Latin.