Monday, October 15, 2007

Homily, Sunday, October 14

Hey everybody! I know you're used to getting Homilies in person, but since I'm up here at the Minnesota Liturgical Ministry World Convention and Retreat (MLMWCR '07), I'm going to have to "mail it in." But this one's a doozy, so just sit back and relax like you're in the worship space, and let the spirit speak to you through me:


Hey! Wow... what great readings today. They really speak to me. But there's something else which has been on my mind recently. One of the "threads" of discussion that has been running through the convention, and also came up in the last couple of retreats, was this question: If you hate the Roman Catholic Church so much, why are you still a Roman Catholic?

And you know what? I really had to think about this a lot! I know, you're suprised, because usually I have all the answers. But this time, I had to wonder. I mean, after all, what is the Roman Catholic Church but a sort of vestigal collection of patriarchical oppressors who secretly manipulate the world's finances, do a lot of pagan stuff with incense, and try to keep womyn barefoot and pregant all the time. Not to mention that they are all about taking away people's choices and valid life expressions. So why would I want to put on this collar (metaphorically - you all know I don't really wear one - it's a symbol of "chains on the vocal cords" - sort of a symbolic way of silencing free speech)?

Well, the answer is simple. Remember back in the 60's when the Democrat party was anti-choice? Did the pro-freedom activists get Choice made into law by becoming Republicans? No! They went up to the party and said "This is our party now!" and ever since, we've owned the Democrats. We're doing the same thing now with the Republicans with our good friends Rudy and Mitt and John McCain. In a couple of years, there won't be anybody left who is anti-choice.

And that's because the best way to WIN is to Fight From Within! Remember that: "The Best Way to Win Is To Fight From Within".

Some people say it's intellectually dishonest for people like us to call ourselves Catholic when we don't "believe" what "Catholics" believe.

But let me ask you this: who gets to say what Catholics believe? A bunch of old guys in Rome? Or you and me? That's right! We are the people who get to decide what the "Catholic Church" is. Or, more appropriately, I get to decide, because, let's face it, I've been to more Liturgical Ministry conventions than you, and I'm also ordained in a perfectly valid ordination (despite some irregularities). So don't go off all half-cocked thinking that if you disagree with me, that it's OK. Remember who's running this faith community.

Anyway, what I'd like to get across in this homily is that building things up is really hard. If we were to go off and sing a new Church ino being, and call it something like "Liberated Catholics", it would be very difficult and expensive. It's much easier to tear things down, which is what The Spirit of Vatican 2 is all about.


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H Robert Williams said...

Yes Dym Tim,

We must remember that first we must infiltrate the establishment, we must penetrate their defenses and subvert from within. We must retrain the mechanisms of the institution to produce what we wish it to produce!

We shall do so by conquering the language of these "Traditionalists." Tradition shall be what we make it to be. Traditional songs shall be Marty Haugen songs and David Haas songs. Traditional spirituality shall be centering prayers and spiritual dancing. All shall be done "in reverence and respect for the Tradition but with concern for the contemporary reality of today's issues " Yes... heh, heh, heh....

H. Robert