Friday, October 12, 2007

I'm so confused!

I just don't get H.Roberts. We're all supposed to be heading toward a unified spirit with Mother Earth / Gaia and each other. How can a brain have a unified spirit? It has no spirit ... it's just a brain. I'm thinking the whole H. Roberts thing is a hoax. Dym Tim, have you ever seen H. Roberts? Since he died at least? Sorry, Che, but I think you are taking us all for a ride of some sort.

Then I keep running into that womyn on the bus. She's starting to make sense. I don't want to go into what all we talk about, but ... I'm getting more confused each day. She's a wonderful, kind, caring, compassionate young womyn. And she's starting to make me think ... well, just that. I'm starting to think. Not that I didn't before, but this is different somehow.

And I'm out of green tea. I'm out of money. The bills from that awful retreat center in the mountains keep coming. I think I"m going to move and not leave a fwd address. But I have to stay close to SOV2, even though people here anymore aren't really being church, they're all I have. You at least have stayed away from that horrible other language. But even that has it's good points, I'm starting to realize ... but that's a post for another day.

I'm confused! Anyone who needs me, I'll be in the labyrinth....


Che' Lovell said...

Hey Sister Fairah! I can't believe you haven't seen H. Robert yet! He was at SOV2 last Sunday. Also, I took him to the obstacle coarse and a couple other things too.

Sr.Fairah said...

So, you carry around a brain in formaldehyde ... with some wires coming off the jar. What's to say it's got any semblance of life, as the blog posts claim? As you claim? I just can’t buy it, Che. Nothing personal, dear brother … but I just don’t believe there’s any intelligence there. It’s dead gray matter. Nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Sr. Fairah,


ignorant redneck said...

sR. Fair Uh,

I stil gots some frum my rope plants. and Yu shuld nott worri, cause all Yu kneed is some gud fud.

I jist et me a brane sammitch.

an we gots al thes kard bord to uz as roffs.

Sr.Fairah said...

IR -
I hope you got the right brain for that sandwich! Good Riddens, H. Robert!

Sr.Fairah said...

anonymous -
Why, oh, why, can't you just BE CHURCH??????? That hurt more than you will EVER understand!

Che' Lovell said...

Hey Sister Fairah!

Actually it's kind of this sugar water thing I have to put in there all the time and I have to change it a lot, otherwise he gets sick.

I mean, the only way it's fake is if the scientologists faked me out or something and the brain's not doing anything but it's this computer thing that he's attached too. But I mean that would be saying that scientology is actually a big money making thing or something and that can't be true because my friends John Travolta and Tom Cruise are both scientologists. And then there'd have to be somebody running this computer thing or whatever and I don't know.

I'll go ask H. RObert and see what he says.


Cygnus said...

In the labyrinth, eh Sister?

Hope you make it through your pyramid . . .

Anonymous said...

When you see that womyn on the bus, could you please ask her to advise you on a subject called "modesty in dress?" I don't want you to get a "chest cold," if you know what I mean. Also, please ask her what she thinks of veils for sisters.

Sr.Fairah said...

anonymous (last one)...
We have already discussed the whole veil thing. Anyone who's never worn one, along with those horribly constricting habits, has nothing to say that I'll hear. Live in it for a month, and you will understand. ICK.

As for modesty, I"m a woman and proud of it. Why should I hide what I've been naturally given? Men need to learn womyn are more than objects ... it's THEIR problem, not mine.

What good will it do to ask H.Roberts? If there is a person behind the computer, then .... he or she will lie about it. I can promise: IT IS A HOAX. Come see my in the spirit-maze, Che'. We'll talk.

Anonymous said...

"As for modesty, I"m a woman and proud of it. Why should I hide what I've been naturally given?" (Fairah)

You say that you're a "woman"? Hmmm ... I thought you were a "womyn."

Why should you "hide what" you've "been naturally given?" Nobody wants you to HIDE the fact that you are a woman, but God wants you to COVER certain parts of your body that are to be seen uncovered only by your spouse (in your case, Jesus).

You wouldn't dream of parading around without anything covering you from waist to knees, if the climate would allow it -- because you know (by the natural law, which God wrote on your heart) that to do so would be sinful. The same principle holds for covering your chest. Many male enemies of God in society have long been fooling women into exposing part or all of their chests.

But good men don't want to be tempted by your cleavage. COVER IT UP, PLEASE!

Sr.Fairah said...

Anonymous -- since you do not have the courage to tell me who you are, I have to make assumptions. I suspect you are a typical man, prefering womyn be barefoot and in the kitchen, covered from head to toe. You clearly do not see the equality between men and womyn, or you'd see my right to dress as it suits me.

Your comment about my "spouse" is clearly outdated and antiquated. We all know that Vatican II made it clear THE CHURCH is the spouse, and not any individual. We, the body of Christ, are the spouse. When was the last time you read Vatican II, anyway?

Anonymous said...


I've read Vatican II, from cover to cover. I doubt that you've ever read it. I find that those who appeal to the "spirit of Vatican II" have never even read the documents.

It's ironic that you are arguing in favor of a slutty way of dressing. Liberal feminists are usually against your kind of self-exposure, since it plays into the hands of the men who love exploiting women. Liberal feminists usually cover up.

In Catholicism, there are multiple levels of symbolism. Yes, the Church is the spouse of Jesus (as Israel was the spouse of Yahweh) -- but the Church has ALWAYS taught this, not just since Vatican II.

At the same time, each of our souls (even the soul of a male) is the symbolic spouse of God.

And, at the same time and in a different way, a religious sister is the spouse of Christ. (That's why good women religious wear a wedding band.) Too bad you don't know that Vatican II never denied these things!