Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Don't come near me!

I don't know what I got into yesterday, if it was one of Keith's experiments or the gunk around H. Robert's brain, or a electric jolt, but whatever made my hair fall out and is causing this rash on my scalp ... it's catching!

There is a squirrel that I've tamed. It comes into the kitchen when I open the window, and i feed it peanuts and pet it. Then it goes back outside. Well, last night after I got home, it came in, ate, got petted, and went back out. This morning when it came in, I almost screamed ... it had NO FUR AT ALL. At first I thought it was a huge rat or something, but then when I saw how it moved, and its tail bounced just like a squirell's, I realized it caught whatever I have. So, to see if that was just a oddity, or if it's catching, I lured in a stray cat, petted it (It was actually very friendly and didn't mind being petted at all) and put it in a box to see what would happen . About an hour later, I checked, and it's hair had fallen out, too.

So NOONE COME NEAR ME. And don't expect me to come around SOV2 for a while. I'm afraid to even to go out to the doctor, for fear of giving it to someone else....

Anyone want a really ugly hairless cat???


Anonymous said...

Catholici Summus!
Peccatum Futile!
Baptizare Parate!


Anonymous said...


Terrence Berres said...


It won't help to shout.

ignorant redneck said...

hareless skwerrilesses is agin natur

paramedicgirl said...

Dominus Vobiscum, Sister