Sunday, October 14, 2007

Apology (of sorts) to H. Robert

Che', Maryann, Britnee and I went out for green tea and the best vegi chile ever. We had a nice, long talk. It was the nicest experience of Church in a long time!

I realize now that I don't like H. Roberts because he's different than me. That's not fair. I'm different than the trees and mother earth, but not lesser than them. I forgot that even H. Roberts has a spark of the divine, even as a brain. To be honest, H. Roberts is smart ... probably smarter than me ... and therefore probably closer to Gaia! After all, some day we will all reach perfect knowledge, and he's a lot closer than I am. That day, there will be no distinction between a brain and a spirit. Doesn't it say somewhere in scripture that there is no difference between male and femyle? Well, the same is true for a brain and a spirit.

So I'm taking a step back and stopping my disapproval of H. Roberts. I STILL can't accept his idea that litigation is what is best for the church. Krystal, after all, has done some awesome things in revealing the power of the divine.

Dym Tim -- can't you ban litigation for members of SOV2? If so, we'll all get along better and be church better. After all, H. Roberts HAS TO listen to you. Threaten to ban him if he continues with this talk of suing. Do it for us, the church!


H Robert Williams said...

Thank you Sister Fairah. Yes, I know that I too have a far way to go on my own particular faith joruney. Our faith journeys are like a bowl of spaghetti, they are all entangled and difficult to sort out. For a while the strands may seem to follow one another, but soon they must go their different ways. Some strands up and some down, some left and some right. But up, down, left, right - these are all just manifestations of the same one-ness of quality that is direction or progress. The important thing to realize is that wherever your particular strand of spaghetti takes you its all "okay.." as long as it isn't to Rome (ha ha ha HA HA HA HA AHHA) as if THAT were possible HAH HA HA AH SAHS AHS ASDDasflc >EEEEEERRRPRPRPRPR.<

Father Tim said...


I'm just popping into the 'blog during one of the breaks here at the retreat, and I see you are all doing wonderfully and being eucharist to each other in my absence. I'll be putting up a "post" about my experiences soon, and I'll try to address your request for clarification on the redress of grievances. I think there's something in the Bible somewhere about what to do when another faith communicant ticks you off. Anyway, Maryann probably knows the rules on that one, considering that she is our most capable liturgist.

Peace out!

Dym Tim

Che' Lovell said...

Hey Father Tim!

Yah! Um... H. Robert is acting really weird and stuff. Can you see where Nguyen is because I may need some help.


Britt said...

I think H. Robert needs a flu shot.

is that even possible?