Monday, October 29, 2007

Wednesday Event!

Hey! It’s me Che’. I wanted everybody to know that H. Robert and the WCWW and also PETA and the Hugo Chavez Brigade are going to have an Incorporated Liturgy of Reparations and Responsibility Acceptance for Abuses in Regards to Really Mean things done to Witches, Non-human Animals, Indigenous Peoples, and people who like Dancing.

This was the result of a lot of effort by a lot of people and a coming together of a lot of us especially me and H. Roberts and Todd Turk. You can tell by the name that we put a lot of thought into it. Anyway, it is also part of our Samhain Fest on Wednesday and Know Your Earth Friends month which kicks off in November.

Also, you know SOV2 is really against obligation. I mean, you know you should be inspired and not feel guilty, but we all agreed that if you don’t show up H. Robert will make an extra electronic withdrawal of 5% this month for the Father Tim’s e-tithe program. But it’s going to be AWESOME anyway so you’ll really want to be there.

Also, bring your costumes from the Animal Rights Mass and a bag or something to hold candy. We’re giving out naturally organic soy crisps that we got surplus from my Natural Food Store because they expired or something. Plus there’s going to be a surprise which I don’t want to give away.


Ima Perile said...

I can't believe this! Systyr Fairah is on the road, and already the men are unilaterally maeking a power play for the alliegience of this community! Of course, it includes financial extortion! H Roberts, we withdraw our offer of holy orders--you have clearly not overcome the male drive to dominance!
And, those wimmyn from PETE should know that they are just being explaited so che can indulge the male gaze uner the guise of protest!
And the nerve of you Men! Attempting to Subsume the holiest of days to Our Great Dark Mother for this vestigial parasitic Patriarchal Psuedo community!
The Priestesses of the Gaian harmonic Vibration Convergence will Stage a Counter Protest!!!!And, we will not be Afraid To Invoke our Inner Warrioress! We shal invoke Kali, with the red scarf!

Ima Perile,

Che' Lovell said...

Hey Ima,

Yah! But this is all about apologizing and excepting responsibility and stuff which means I thought we men were supposed to do that. Except there are a few womyn to who are apologizing for eating animals and stuff.


Ima Perile said...

"You Men" should remain silent until, and unless, we Mimmyn give you permission to speak--YOu especially Che! With you Medidation moves on spiritually vulnrable wimmyn!

This is just a transparent powerplay, to etablish a crypto -phallocracy over the nascent birthing of the divine feministic convergence that can finally and for all time overthrow the Diemurgic corruption of the Y chromosomes corruption. YOu list the Male Dominators by Name, but other groups by acronym--a blantant attemp tto silence the individuation of femal empowerment.
You men are ment to be servants to the Goddess--not servers of your own will to power! The personal is Political, and men just don't understand the personnal-it's our time now and weare taking power--whether you will or not.

And, I don't recall empowering you to use the familiar form of address--you should refer to me as Episoposa, or Your Feminine Serinity.

Ima Perile

Che' Lovell said...


Basically I think womyn are awesome especially the PETA girls and I think more womyn should do what they do because they are really cute and because they raise a lot of awareness.

But I think only the skinny and cute womyn should because otherwise that would be stupid and I don't think it would raise as much awareness.

I mean I am hanging out with one of the PETA girls now named Lynnda and she says that she thinks its cool how all the guys look at her and as long as they look at the sign too that's all she really wants.

Lynnda also does this thing where she writes all over herself. That's really cool too.

So yah! I'm really sorry about womyn being opressed and I think they should be allowed to do whatever they want because it's their body and things. And I really don't think they should go back to all that pre-Vatican 2 "modesty" and stuff. Except the ones that aren't as pretty as Lynda and Julia Roberts.

I'll have to ask Father Tim about that other stuff.


Syblyng Madison said...

Syblyng Ima, let go of your anger! Realize that all of Gaia's creation are your syblyngs, and that all syblyngs are equally created by Gaia! We must put aside our selfish views to strive to live up to St. Albert's call to rescue Mother Gaia!

Ima Perile said...

Lookists! Dupes!

there are no "cute skinny" wimmyn--women are created to look like me! Like the first art known, the Goddess of Willendorf!

Syb Madison, throw off your shackels, and don't be alone with Che!

Episciposa Perile

Syb Bob said...

Episicposa Perile we do appreciate the "reality check" that you're giving us. You're such a movement of the air that is Vatican 2. But if I might make one tiny suggestion.... "Episciposa" is so archaic. It's definitely a reminder of the patriarchal heumonetic that we're trying to overcome. Might I suggest a claiming of the title "Bishopress" or perhaps "Byshopress" would be even better?

Ima Perile said...

Bishop is a Germanic word, that betrays your secret longings for pwerover in a crypto-tuetonico-phallocracy.

When do many ancient inscriptions attest to the existance of episoposa in the original church, the Church of Sophia, the divine feminine that was cruelly usurpt by Constantines armed thugs--armed with spears and swords, by the way--emblems of their Partiarchal Oppresivist false "theology"! We need to return to the purest knowlege, the gnosis, of our original Thealogy, the knowlege of the only creative force, the Feminine, Gaia our Dark Mother!

Ima Perile