Monday, July 16, 2007


Hey! Well, sorry I haven't 'blogged in a while, but I was off on Retreat this week at (you guessed it!) Maggie Valley, and what do you know? I got called off to another Retreat from the Retreat! It was really neat. I met a lot of cool people. Basically it was a Retreat called "Emphasizing the Feminyn in Your Faith Community," and it was hosted by the Sisters of Saint Lilith. I was sorry to miss out on the first Retreat (Responding to the Motu: Voices of Faith Raised in Protest), but what with Maryann's ordination coming up, I wanted to be sure we were ready as a Faith Community.

Anyways, while I was gone, apparently some Knights of Columbus guy has been going Pre-Vatican II in the "comboxes," so I have been forced have Ngyuen turn on something called "comment filtering" which means that I have to personally approve of comments before they get made. If Vatican II teaches us anything, it's that if you don't like something, then you have to ban it completely like they did with that Latin Mass until the Moto Popio overturned 40 years of progress. But since the Moto is not in charge here, we're doing it Vatican 2 style, and puting the kibosh on comments until we can all love each other in a spirit of mutual acceptance and conformance to the Spirit and the Earth Mother.

Sadly, some people are so on fire with the Spirit that they go a little over the top. When I pulled my Expedition into the Private Drive of the new Rectory, I found Dr. Al-Fakkir using one of the empty coach houses to make some sort of vest device that he said would set the SSLI Faith Community "burning like infidels under the prophet's toes." While I admire Al-Fakkir's zeal, I think it's probably best to put a stop to this prostelelyzing before it turns into some kind of crazy Holy War.

On another, more important topic, I don't know what went on last week in the Spirit Maze, but all sorts of strange things have been happening. Objects moving by themselves, blood running from the statue of Gaia, that sort of thing. I am afraid that I am going to have to insist that, as much as we respect the Truth in the Faith Tradition of the Wiccans, that there be no more Wiccan Ceremonies until we have figured out what's going on. I think it's probably just Father Chad playing tricks on us, or some sort of halucinatory emanations of a penumbra.

Peace out!


radtradchad said...

About Sir Feeney...

His name came up over dinner with Agent Smith. The name sounded familiar to him, and so he pulled out his laptop and showed me the FBI's database. Apparently Leonard Feeney II had recently been fired from the Norman Medieval Fair in Oklahoma and committed to Osawatomie State Hospital, where he enjoyed defending the building's turrets from barbaric hoardes. He escaped from the asylum, and his whereabouts until now have been unknown.

I typically overlook mental illness as an impediment to the priesthood as that excuse has been levied against me on several occasions, but nevertheless the SSLI vows to investigate the Order of the Holy Knights.

-Fr. Chadwick LeJanvier, SSLI

Sir Rev. Leonard Feeney, HKTTC said...

Fr. Tim,

Ye are typical Modernists--ye allow freedom of speech for every heresy under the sun, but ye squash the Voice of Truth!

No matter; the HKTTC and the SSLI continue their offensive for the Truthy on their own websites.

Sir Rev. Leonard Feeney, HKTTC

Terrence Berres said...

"But since the Moto is not in charge here, we're doing it Vatican 2 style, and puting the kibosh on comments until we can all love each other in a spirit of mutual acceptance and conformance to the Spirit and the Earth Mother."

It's Nguyen-Nguyen!

Sir Rev. Leonard Feeney, HKTTC said...

Fr. LeJanvier!
Why are you repeating such obviously Modernist-derived lies and slanders!?! Have they gotten to ye too?

Ye know full well that for the last six years I have served faithfully as a Truthy priest at an independent Truly Traditional Catholic Chapel in Kansas. I was ordained by Mel Gibson's own priest, who was ordained by Bishop Kenvenu of the SSPV, who was consecrated by Bishop Maklowetz of the SSPX, who in turn was consecrated by the Old Catholic bishop Hevunue of France, who received his faculties from the CMRI AND the PNCC. My ordination line is impeccable!!!!!

Be forewarned--Fr. Heidrich has written me privately and expressed his doubts about thine OWN sanity. He thinkest living in such close proximity to such foul heretics as the SPV2 hath been too much a strain for thee. Now that thou art slandering thy own loyal Order of knights, I thinkest maybe his misgivings were justified.

Take some time off, Father, and get out of Knoxville for a while. See what happens when thoust tries to be ecumenical!!

Get well, Father! And to ALL Truly Traditional Catholics--BEWARE THE POISON OF THE MODERNIST HERETICS!!!

Sir Rev. Leonard Feeney, HKTTC