Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Patron Saint of SOV2

Hey! Well, I'm super happy to be able to tell you that after Live Earth, Todd was so inspired that he got out his pen and recycled paper and composed another hymn. Hope you like it!


Holy Gore we praise thy name!
Holy Al we bow before thee!
Tho’ your wife’s no Valarie Plame
All your daughters are hotter than Chelsea
And your banner we’ll wave so high
While you tell us “Falleth the sky!”
And your banner we will wave high
While you tell us “Falleth the sky!”

Holy Gore your movies we see
All your books we’re often reading
Parental Advisories be on our CD’s
And your son in Prius is speeding
Seven Point Plans will guide our days
While your zinc mine belches out haze!
Seven Point Plans will guide our days
Incense to us thy zinc-mine haze!

Holy Albert, Holy Gore
With Ralph Nader three we name thee!
While in essence only one
Undivided Gore we claim thee!
And though ozone holes are now passé
Owls and Snail Darters be here to stay
Ozone Holes be now passé
Global Warming soon passeth away


Cathy_of_Alex said...

Father: You have accomplished what I never thought possible, you've made Marty Haugen's compositions look brilliant.

Father Tim said...

Hey! Thanks Cath. But I didn't write this great hymn - it was Todd. Glad to see there's so many Marty fans out there!

Alice said...

oooh, all those thou's and thee's - what's that about?
Not very inclusive either, as a womyn, I feel very left out!

Father Tim said...

Hey Alice - you're right! I talked to Todd about it and he's come up with some more inclusive revisions to the hymn. I'm afraid the thee's & thou's have to stay - he claimed there was some sort of "metered syntax" or something. But the last verse is supposed to be changed to:

"Holy Albert, Holy Gore
Holy Tipper, three we name thee!"

I hope that makes you feel more included, because, of course, Tipper is a womyn.

Alexander said...

Don't forget Kung and Schillebeeckx.