Wednesday, July 25, 2007

One day left to vote!

Hey SOViers! There's only 1 day left to vote in the life/death decision concerning H. Robert Williams and it looks like its going to be just one or two votes that make the difference.

The bad thing about bringing him back is that he'll probably start posting again all that stuff that nobody can understand and is pretty boring and he'll want to start hugging people all the time. Of course since he'll just be a brain in a jar he won't be able to actually hug you.

The cool thing about bringing him back is that... well... um... well we'll have a brain in a jar that we can look at and stuff. I was hoping we could maybe set it up near the hot tub. And I also want one of those electric things that have the two tv antennas and make that cool buzzing sound.

So maybe you want to change your vote or find another computer and vote again.



Rae said...

I briefly considered changing my vote--but then remembered that concern for the environment should shape our civic lives.

Anonymous said...

So if global warming wins, we all get our brains put in jars to compensate for rising temperatures?

Christina said...

Oh, I thought that was voting for Global Warming to be put in a jar...and buried. I think I may have to change my vote...

Anonymous said...
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Sir Rev. Leonard Feeney, HKTTC said...

Hmmmm. This be a conudrum worthy of the finest Truthy Thomastic theologians.

Is a heretic brain's, separate from his heretic body, still a heretic? Or is it only partially a heretic? If the brain converts to the Truly True Church, will the body still burn in hell? Perhaps the brain would then be a material heretic, and the body the formal heretic?

I think I shall refer this question to the theologians of the SSLI. I be working above my paygrade, methinks.

I still think this whole "brain in a jar" thing reeks of either witchcraft, or some type of modernist evolutionist scientific dark art.

Sir Rev. Leonard Feeney, HKTTC

P.S. Sr. Fairah, I am still repeating the Oath against Modernism for thee every night before retiring to my straw pallet...