Tuesday, July 10, 2007

There He Goes Again!

Hey! Well, boy has he done it again. That old Pope just doesn't get it, does he? You can't roll back the Spirit! But he keeps on trying, this time using his ultra-conservative puppet to issue a document saying that there are no Churches but the Roman Church. No surprise here - the document was issued by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which is just another fancy name for the Inquisition, which Vatican II banned.

So you don't get confused, here is my analysis of the document, which I did with Maryann, of course, to make sure that it was good.

  1. Did Vatican II Change How We Are Church? Well, according to the Pope, it didn't. Come on! Basically, before V2, there may have been a Church, but nobody WAS Church! Dig?
  2. Is the Church of Christ in the Catholic Church? This is just stupid. The Church of Christ is a whole different Church - they meet in little white buildings and handle snakes and stuff. You'd think the Pope would know this kind of thing.
  3. Why did Vatican II say Subsist? This is one of the Mysteries of Vatican II. There are Seven Mysteries of Vatican II, and we're not allowed to talk about them. That's what a Mystery is. They shouldn't be talking about this. Heck! Neither should I! Enough said.
  4. Why do Greek Faith Communities get to be called Churches? Now this one gets my blood boiling. If there's any people who AREN'T Church, it's the Greeks. Have you ever been to one of those Greek things? I mean - come on! What's with the hats?
  5. Why Don't Protestants Get To Be Called Church? I'll tell you why - it's a power grab. The Pope wants to say who is Church and who is not Church. Who told him he was the authority on this? Huh? It's all big scam set to tick off our good ecumenical friends. Look - you can't just go around saying other people aren't Church. That's judgemental, and the First Commandment says "Judge Not!". How can we be Church if we're telling other people that they can't be Church? I'll tell you what, this is just like when John the Baptist threw the Moneychangers out of the Temple, or when Hyram the Mason built the pyramids.

Well, I think that pretty well clarifies all of this document nonsense. Now I've got to stop 'blogging and email all my ecumenical friends to reassure them that no-one listens to the Pope anyhow.


larsterkhan said...

Now that's the kind of commentary and theological insight that keeps me coming back.

My commentary on the CDF's new document would be to quote St. Athanasius:

"Even if only a handful of people faithful to Catholic tradition remain, these are the true Church of Jesus Christ."

paramedicgirl said...

That was funny! I could just hear Sister Chittister saying exactly that!

Anonymous said...

Please remember no matter how you look at it Modern Catholics only look at the Church in light of Vatican II and forget its teaching prior to it. Also it is important to remember that VII is not infallible but pastoral so please quit exiling people trying to live a true and rightous devotion to piety and tradition