Monday, July 16, 2007

And While We're Banning Things...

Oh yeah! I forgot to ban some 'blogs that I came across:

Freelanders: PH,T,C,O
Kyrie Eleison: PH,T,C,F,O,EM,R
Pur Autre Vie: PH,T,C,F,O+

And one 'blog that I haven't been able to figure out whether to ban or praise:

Catholic Sensibility: P1

Also, Quo Vadis pointed out that I haven't added the banned 'blogs to the banned 'blog list on the right side of the page. And you know what? She's right! But the Spirit hasn't moved me to do so, and until I receive The Call, I'm afraid you'll just have to search through old "posts". But just to be sure, I'm double banning Quo Vadis's 'blog:

Quo Vadis?: PH,T,C,F,O+,R

Peace out!


Hidden One said...

Seeing as your Director of Ecumenical Outreach flew into a rage at me awhile ago over using a bunch of apparently banned words, I thought I'd been banned too. Oh well, I guess not...?

Richard said...

I am very disappointed.

I have just checked the blogs that you have banned gor "Extreme Medievalism", and they are not!

Not even a little bit medieval!

Nothing about gothic architecture, gold vestments, indulgences, shrines, barefoot pilgrimages or Scholasticism. And not even a hint of crusades or burning heretics.

Now, can you please find us some PROPER medieval Catholic sites to ban?

RobK said...

Thanks! :)

Simon-Peter Vickers-Buckley said...

I'm still mad that I was banned, but NOT as an Ultramontist!!! What the hell does a guy have to do?

Bloody lefties.

Rae said...

Hey, thank you!! :)